Top Richest Indians In Australia ([year])

Australia is one of the most lucrative countries in the world. The rate of success and industrialization in the country is quite high and has invited lots of immigrants from across the globe.

Most of the popular Indian personalities are noted to be residents of Australia. In search of a diversified means of livings and to expand their already established companies, Indians immigrate to Australia.

The Indian-Australians are the key players in the growth of Australia’s economy majorly her currency; one that is relative to the most stable currencies in the world. The richest Indians in Australia are some of the Indian citizens who immigrated to Australia in search of greener paths for their business ventures.

Based on a study that was recently conducted, it was discovered that an average of 7000 Indians seek foreign investments in Australia. These richest Indians in Australia are some of the sagacious investors and entrepreneurs in the country.

They have amassed a great expanse of wealth in Australia which has led to their global recognition. The Forbes list of the richest people in Australia contains a large number of the richest Indian immigrants.

The Indian Australians are industrialists, real estate developers, and technologists that have made immense contributions to Australia’s economy. They are not just the richest Indians in Australia for personal gains and recognition, they return back to the society, India and Australia alike.

Top Richest Indians In Australia

Below are the top richest people in India who are also the richest Indians in Australia

Guatam Shantilal Adani

Guatam Adani is one of the wealthiest Indians with numerous investments. He recently invested in the mining industry by purchasing a gold mine in Queensland, Australia worth USD 2 Billion.

The number one among the richest Indians in Australia also invested in the aviation industry by owning major shares in the Mumbai International Airport. Guatam Adani is rated as the richest Indian resident in Australia largely accounted for by his savvy investments in the country.

The Indian billionaire is the wealthiest Indian citizen to have owned a company in Australia. Guatam Adani is an Indian industrialist and founder of the Adani Group Holdings in India. The company has major stakes in the Power Generation and Ports Operations Industries.

The Jindal Family

The Jindal Family are a major investor in the steel industry of Australia. They own one of India’s largest steel magnates with subsidiaries in different countries. The family has been in the steel production sector since the 1960s, yet they keep making waves in the industry.

The Jindal family is one of the richest Indians in Australia that was recently recorded to have obtained stakes worth USD 26.99 million in Australian coal mines and iron ore through his company.

The Jindal Family also invests in other companies like paint-producing companies asides from the steel industries. The Jindal Family is headed by Sajjan Jindal, who precisely made a USD 7 Billion investment in the Indian Paint Market through one of its subsidiaries, JSW paints. Due to the continual investments needed to boost the JSW paints, the Jindal Family has spent over USD 150 million on the firm.

Nadathur S. Raghavan

Nadathur S. Raghavan is estimated to have a net worth of USD 600 million through his streams of over 60 hotels located in Australia and New Zealand. His hotels are not just regular motels, they give an air of the most expensive hotels in the world. The Indian millionaire deals in the hospitality services industry and has become provincial in the sector over the years.

Nadathur S. Raghavan was observed to have bought another hotel in Brisbane worth AUD 57 million recently. He is undoubtedly one of the richest Indians in Australia and the world’s biggest Investor. Asides from his flair for the hospitality industry, Nadathur S. Raghavan is also a software engineer. He co-founded Infosys Technologies, one of the biggest software companies in Australia.

The Indian software guru has aced his multiple investments through skillful and target-oriented engagements. By way of giving back to society, Nadathur S. Raghavan is a philanthropist that established the Nadathur S. Raghavan Entrepreneurial Center where he educates young entrepreneurs and business persons on how to gain financial prowess in their industries.

Vivek Chaand Sehgal

Vivek Sehgal is another one of the Richest Australians currently and one of the billionaires in Australia with a net worth of USD 4 Billion. He is the CEO of SMR Automotive, which is a subsidiary automobile company under the primary company that is localized in Adelaide, Lonsdale.

Vivek Chaand Sehgal heads the Samvardhana Motherson Group founded in 1975 and is currently estimated to earn revenues worth over USD 9.8 Billion. He recently incorporated Visiocorp as part of his company as it used to be the company’s lighting agency.

The company produces lightweight automobile components alternatively known as motor parts. Their major customers include Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Mercedes; all of which are car-producing companies in Australia.

The company earnings from SMR Automotive are estimated to be about USD 9.23 million from a revenue of USD 135 million. Vivek Chaand Sehgal’s powerhouse industry is one of the biggest companies in Australia and has cushioned the entrepreneur as one of the richest Indians in Australia.

Pankaj Oswal

Pankaj Oswal is one of the top billionaires in Australia having a net worth of AUD 3 Billion. The businessman who is also one of the richest Indians in Australia founded Burrup Holdings Limited, a company that produces liquid ammonia.

The company is rated as the largest ammonia-producing company in the world currently. He is recognized as one of the richest millionaire immigrants in Australia.

Darshak Mehta

Australia’s richest people cannot be complete without mentioning the influential Indian-born Australian entrepreneur, Darshak Mehta. Even though he is not the richest Indian in Australia based on net worth, he covers up for what he lacks in net affluence through his influence. Darshak Mehta is a copious writer who seeks to raise a voice against racism and class differentiation in Australia.

The entrepreneur and one of the richest Indians in Australia has an inkling for sports, but with the racism in the country, he believes that the country would not get very far if they remain in their false beliefs. He holds strongly that the richest brands in the world can only come out of a country without racism.

He is the CEO of the Chappelle Foundation and the Co-founders of LBW trust. He is a philanthropist that has gained the hearts of many through his many selfless deeds. A good way to mark one’s presence on the list of the richest Indians in Australia.


The Australian Government allows investors to freely trade in the country without the restrictions on trade and investments of the non Nationals. This is one of the major reasons why Australia continues to gain more immigrants with the day.

With the extent of progress that most entrepreneurs witness in Australia, the richest Indians keep migrating to Australia to make the possible best of their companies.