Top 10 Richest Companies In Ghana ([year])

Ghana is one of the richest countries in West Africa and the African continent entirely. Ghana’s economy is flamboyant and has produced a GDP Per Capita that is well-performing over the years. The economy of Ghana is largely accounted for by the successful industries in the country.

The industrial sector continues to flourish with the numerous companies established each year. Some of the richest companies in Ghana are targeted for international exploitation and global recognition.

Through the lucrative companies in Ghana, lots of employment opportunities have been created and this goes a long way in cutting down the poverty rate in the country. Because of the active companies in Ghana, the revenue generated annually is enough to serve the country over a long period.

The top ten richest companies in Ghana are some of the richest brands in the world chaired by top company executives and diligent professionals in the industrial sector.

List Of The Top 10 Richest Companies In Ghana

Scancom PLC – MTN

MTN Ghana generates a yearly revenue of USD 246 million which is equivalent to 1.43 Billion Ghanaian cedis. With these figures, it is easy to conclude that MTN Ghana is the richest company in Ghana.

The MTN Group no doubt is the richest network in ghana and also prides itself in its presence in most countries in Africa, which gained it a rating among the richest companies in Africa. MTN as a telecommunications industry in Ghana has the highest number of subscribers and customers than other telecom services in Ghana.

The active MTN users in Ghana are currently 17.9 million subscribers. The country also aids in alleviating poverty in Ghana. With over 19,288 employees, MTN Ghana has greatly reduced the unemployment rate in Ghana.

Total Petroleum Ghana

Having existed for over 60 years, Total Petroleum Ghana is one of the richest companies in Ghana. It is also rated among the most patronized companies in Ghana which led to its expansion in different African countries.

In Ghana, Total Petroleum has over 270 device stations with thousands of dispensers. The company owns the largest workstations in Ghana and prides itself in its prudent workforce. Total Petroleum Ghana has subsidiaries including the Mining, Bitumen, Manufacturing, road construction, and Aviation industries.

The company makes major contributions to Ghana’s GDP; such that it added GHC 400 Billion to the Ghanaian economy in 2019.

Newmont Golden Ridge Company

Newmont Golden Ridge Company is a mining corporation in Ghana that majors in Gold, Silver, and Copper mining. The company is one of the biggest mining companies in Ghana and manages the larger gold reserves in Ghana presently.

Newmont Golden Ridge Company is one of the mining companies in Ghana with an expanse of the workforce. The company is recorded to have over 425 employees at its different service stations across Ghana.

The net income of the company in 2019, was recorded to have been a gross sum of USD 780 million. This figure gives you trillions when converted to Ghana cedis. A company that earns this much cannot but be rated among the richest companies in Ghana.

Produce Buying Company – PBC

Produce Buying Company is also another company owned by the Ghanaian Government. The company is a major dealer in the trade and distribution of cocoa, and shea nuts, among other cash products.

Produce Buying Company is one of the biggest companies in Ghana based on its gross export products. By way of making this list as one of the richest companies in Ghana, Produce Buying Company generates an approximate annual revenue of USD 414 million. The Ghanaian-owned Cocoa company was founded on 13th November 1981.

Ghana Oil Company – GOIL

Ghana Oil Company is an Oil and Gas Trading company owned by Ghana as a country, however, there are still individual stakeholders in the company. 51% of the stakes of GOIL are owned by the Ghanaian Government, while the remaining 49% are managed by individual stakes and shareholders in the company.

GOIL produces diesel oil, and aviation fuels, among other petrochemical products. Since its establishment on 14th June 1960, the company has recorded torrents of successes in the country. The assets of the company are recorded to be a bit above USD 120 million. It recently recorded 8% in growth based on product sales.

Tullow Ghana

Tullow Ghana is an oil-producing company in Iran, though it has branches established in Ghana. The company has large oil wells in Ghana, one of which is known as the Jubilee oil fields. The company is one of the major oil producers in Ghana after GOIL.

Tullow Oil PLC produces 30,000 barrels of oil every day. The company was on record to have generated a revenue of about USD 1.68 Billion in 2019.

Ghana Commercial Bank – GCB

Ghana Commercial Bank is Ghana’s Central Bank and the biggest bank in Ghana. GCB generated an annual revenue estimated to be about GHC 340 million in 2019. The company like most other industries on this list is a major employer in the Banking sector of Ghana.

The company has an employee count of about 1700 persons in over 200 bank branches. 21% of the company’s stakes are owned and managed by the Ghanaian Government, while the other 79% is under the control of independent stakeholders.

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation – GNPC

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation’s revenue was estimated to be about USD 300 million in 2020. The company has maintained a progressive status since its establishment in 1983.

GNPC is one of the Petroleum companies in Ghana that are the key player in the Oil and Gas Industries in Africa. The company shows promising phases of continual growth and development in the country.

Zoomlion Ghana

Zoomlion Ghana is the waste management expert in Ghana as they dubbed themselves. There is dignity in labor and that cliché could not have been truer than in this company.

Zoomlion Ghana is the official waste management company in Ghana and one of the richest private companies in Ghana to have amassed revenue of GHC 6.7 Billion in 2019. Dr. Joseph Siaw founded Zoomlion Ghana in 2006, which now has a large workforce with 85,000 staff and 3,000 core employees.

Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited

The largest Brewers in Ghana is the Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited. The expanse of the company is mainly attributed to the lathe base of the company’s products’ consumers. The company is recorded to have stocked up GHC 658,468 in assets as of 2019.


Can any company progress if its industries and companies are not growing? That’s a definite No. The richest companies in Ghana are some of the richest African companies that are of high importance to Ghana and Africa, owing to the inputs they make to elevate the country’s economy.

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The Major business in Ghana is mining, lumbering, light manufacturing, aluminum smelting, food processing, cement, small commercial shipbuilding, and petroleum.