Shocking: Nigerian Man Strive to Borrow Married Women for $2,000

Wonder shall never end has a Nigerian man known as Vincent Van-Lare had taken a bold step to announced on his social media page that he needs married women who will go on a vacation with him in Venice, Italy. just after Nigerians React As Man Thanks Pastor For Snatching Wife, Vincent made this shock revelation on Facebook as he caused uproar and buzz with such a weird proposal. He maintained that he will take proper care of them by spicing up their life in Italy throughout the whole week they will be spending with him.

He wrote: “Will you accept my proposal? If you are married for less than 10 years and you need some spice in your life and willing to spend a week with me in Venice, ITALY this summer and we go on a gondola ride together, breakfast for you in bed every morning, spa and massage, Italian fine wine, dancing, shopping, etc.”

What is weird and awkward here is that it is not every day you hear of couples in the name of spicing things up, leave their partners and go on adventures with other people. This appears to be what a US-based Nigerian man identified as Vincent Van-Lare is offering.

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While nothing is free even in Free town, Van-Lare is never unmindful of the fact that these women have a husband who had paid their bride price, he offered to compensate each husband with a whooping sum of $2,0000 on their wife’s return from the one week vacation.

Informatively, Vincent Van-Lare who caused quite a fuss on social media is a US-based Nigerian and a divorcee who is eager to a night out and party with married women of not more than 10 years of marriage. He, however, offer to pay each of their husband a sum of $2,000 as a present.

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In his words, he stressed that “When you get back, you will be given $2,000 to give to your loving husband to thank him.” The divorcee continues by asking the interested women to post the best out of their pictures on his wall and they should tell him why they should be considered for the trip. However, the entry for the submission of the photos will close on January 11, 2020,.

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What’s more, while new wedded couples are known to be traveling out of the country for their honeymoon and some old couples too, do go on vacation in other not to get bored of each other and their usual bedroom activities, or just to spice up their union. The reverse is Vincent Van-Lare’s case who wants to go on adventures in Italy in others to spice up married women activities.

In the long run, the most disappointing and embarrassing thing here is that some social media users who are single and married Nigerian women, plus a pastor’s wife have shown their interest in the offer by posting their pictures and the reason they think they should be considered ahead of others.married women


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