5 Signs You’re Wasting Your Time In A Wrong Relationship

wating time

If you feel like you are wasting time in a doubtful relationship that drains you both emotionally and mentally. If you are the only one investing most emotionally in the relationship. If your love interest is indisposed to commit fully for the relationship to go forward, it is time to leave this sinking ship before it drowns you in the heartache of a breakup. 

So take your time and read these signs. Remember them the next time you feel like something in your seemingly fantastic relationship is a bit uneasy. Red flags in relationships should not ever be dismissed.

1. You Hesitate to Take Help from Them:

Feeling hesitant and unsure while asking for help from your partner is a major red flag showing you a probably wasting time. For example; if you feel weird about asking them to bring you some groceries and you rather ask a friend instead, they might not be the “right one” for you. Being with the “right person” you are always in a comfortable zone and you feel free to ask them for help whenever you want.

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2. They Do not Take Out Time for You:

If they keep saying they can not spare little time for you while they go and give others that same time, it is a very strong red flag. You need to see you clearly are not at the top of their priority list. People make time for those who matter to them that is just the fact. Loving those who do not even look at their schedule to give you their time. If not, take it as a sign they are not who you previously thought they were. 

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3. They Tend to Make Themselves Wanted:

Such partners are said to employ what we call basic principles of economics that are the supply and demand to guarantee they are always wanted. It is easy manipulation, but at some given point or another, we have all been fooled by it. They know they are the only “supply” around for you so they make loads of demand to make them a hot commodity…by reducing their time and affection. This is surely not a good sign in any relationship . If you ever see this supply and demand, sell your stocks off and leave with your tail between your legs. 

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4. They Consider You as Inferior:

When they always talk down to you, consider what you are probably doing wrong, speak to you in a condescending tone. They are not in any way partners to be with. Never considering you as their equal but as someone who is inferior is not the way to be in a good relationship. Make sure that the next time they talk down to you, please notice it. It is a red flag that is always there.

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5. They Make You Feel Ashamed About Your Feelings for Them

You should not be with anyone who, after you open up to them emotionally, make you feel ashamed of yourself. Feelings are not meant to be justified. We have all felt this at some point in our relationship… laid our feelings to them then have the feelings criticized. 

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If ever you notice any or all of these five signs then be sure to walk out of that relationship cause you would be wasting time in a wrong relationship. 


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