Singer Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Isaac Singer first invented and released the Singer sewing machine in 1851. Since then, this company has grown in reputation together as one of the most important sewing machine brands within the world. To date, this company still produces top-quality sewing machines that also are very durable.

Singer sewing machines are employed by Nigerians in Nigeria for several decades. during this post, we’ll be discussing what proportion the various models present within the market cost. Let us get to check out these prices without any further delay.

Singer Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria

There are different models of Singer Sewing machines on the market. Some are manual while others are electric. However, electric sewing machines seem to be stealing the market share lately despite being costlier. this is often because they’re easier to use and are available with more accessories.

We have taken out our time to do a background check on different offline and online sellers of Singer sewing machines to see their prices. After our survey, we’ve come up with an inventory of costs for you. Check them out below:

  • Singer 6705C Computerized Sewing Machine: Between N260,000 and N310,000.
  • Singer Tradition 2250 Sewing Machine: Between N50,000 and N95,000.
  • Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine: Between N259,500 and N310,000.
  • Singer Patchwork Quilting Sewing Machine: Between N800,000 and N900,000.
  • Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine: Between N230,500 and N285,000.
  • Singer 7640 Sewing Machine: Between N185,000 and N235,000.
  • Singer 8280 Sewing Machine: Between N58,000 and N78,000.
  • Singer Babylock Machine: Between N140,000 and N180,000.
  • Singer 1412 Promise Sewing Machine: Between N70,000 and N100,000.
  • Singer C440 Sewing Machine: Between N430,000 and N470,000.
  • Singer Domestic Machine with base: Between N55,000 and N85,000.
  • Singer 1409 Promise Electric Sewing Machine: Between N60,000 and N90,000.

Note that these prices are subject to vary counting on your location and also the seller. Each of the stitching machines on the list above is new. We don’t advise you to travel for a second-new sewing machine. While they’re cheaper, they’re likely to possess underlying issues.

How to choose a sewing machine for Beginners?

Mechanical and electronic sewing machines are the foremost popular sewing machines in Nigeria. Basically, mechanical sewing machines are used for household purposes, skilled sewers and professionals/ tailors use electronic sewing machines for picot, Hemming, zip fixing, reverse stitch, embroidering, buttonhole stitching, quilting, smocking like advance features These machines are available in several models for a special level of sewing. To select the best sewing machine without looking for any buying guide, you need to check the stitching Machine selector.

Different ways of selecting a sewing machine

  • If you need a stitching machine for the long term and you’re buying it for originality purposes only and wish to use it for normal sewing, then choose an electronic sewing machine with options of the various sewing modes and many of various kinds of advanced automatic features.
  • If you need a stitching machine for short-term purposes, that is just for a particular project with a less budget, then you’ll choose mini sewing machines, these machines are low-budget machines with fewer features and are best suitable for temporary use. The mechanical sewing machine is additionally an honest choice in less investment.
  • If you’re trying to seek out a sewing machine for home use and wish to use it to seek out sewing seriously and continue it for other levels of sewing like embroidering, quilting, hemming, picot, etc., then you decide on an automatic and smart Electronic sewing machine with all above features. Little expensive, but is getting to be an honest investment.

Electronic sewing with basic features is additionally a budget sewing machine to seek out sewing with ease and luxury. Sewers who have attained the professional cadre can select any electronic sewing machine in regards to their requirements. See Top 10 Fashion Schools in Lagos

Factors to think about When Choosing Sewing Machines

Choosing a stitching machine, especially if it’s your first time, isn’t such a simple task. There are numerous things involved and one mistake can ruin your business. The market is crammed with a plethora of models so making a choice is often quite confusing. Don’t worry, we’ll show you a couple of things that you simply should be cared for during this section.

  • The basics

According to experienced users of stitching machines, there are certain basic items that you simply must first be careful of. For instance, you ought to check if the machine comes with a metal rotary hook. Why? This helps to avoid jams while sewing. you would like the hook that doesn’t spin back and forth but makes a circular motion.

Also, you ought to make sure the machine can open. this is often necessary in order that you’ll frequently clean out accumulated lint. It also makes it easy for you to grease the machine and perform maintenance processes.

Another basic thing that you simply should check is whether or not the machine has an open arm or not. Most new model machines have this feature. it’s necessary to assist sew pant legs or sleeves.

What you ought to avoid are machines that accompany many plastic parts. They aren’t so durable and shortly, you’d be within the marketplace for a replacement machine.

  • Electronic or mechanical

An electronic machine is costlier but it does tons of the work for you. for instance, it helps you to form your adjustments. All you would like to try is to press a button to make a decision on the type of stitch that you simply need.

A mechanical or hand machine, on the opposite hand, requires you to show its dials to form an equivalent decision. That’s not only stressful but time-consuming and susceptible to error if you’re a novice.

You can work with a spread of fabric layers when employing a solid-state electronic machine. this suggests that you’d be working faster with more precision and greater ease. It also helps you to figure with much heavier materials like denim, canvas, and leather.

  • Versatility

This is a really important factor that you simply should consider before purchasing a stitching machine. You want to first find out what you propose to try with the machine. After doing this, you ought to take a visit into the longer term to ascertain if you’ll need the machine for other purposes.

This will tell you what quiet machine you ought to purchase. Certain sewing machines can handle quite stitch or function while some machines allow you to suit them with extra features.

It is always best to select a machine that’s versatile and may handle several additional features. This helps you to save lots of money on purchasing a replacement machine within the nearest future. All you’d be spending on are the additional accessories that you simply got to increase the machine.

  • Size and weight

The size and weight of the machine you select are going to be hooked into the aim of the machine also. If you would like the machine to be stationary in your shop or home, then the load shouldn’t be a priority. However, if you’ve got to maneuver it around, probably for training, and mobile work, then the load matters.

The same also applies to the dimensions of the machine. Also, you want to consider what proportion of space for storing you’ve got. If the space, where the machine is going to be placed, is little, then you don’t need a really large machine. There are small machines that will perform an equivalent function that the larger machines perform.

What you need to do before arriving at conclusion is that, endeavor to lift the machine. If it feels too heavy for your purposes, ditch it and opt-in for something lighter.

  • Budget

It is impossible to debate the factors to think about when choosing a stitching machine and not mention budget. While it’ll be great to ascertain a machine you’re keen on and buy it instantly, you want to consider the value. what proportion are you willing and ready to buy the machine at the time?

We suggest that you simply do a correct survey of the market to seek out a high-quality yet affordable sewing machine. during this post, we’ve listed the costs of the Singer Sewing machines in Nigeria. you’ll inspect other brands also and weigh your options.

  • Skill level/ user experience

The user’s skill level may be a crucial thing while buying a sewing machine, beginners won’t be able to handle sewing machines easily. For beginners, there are other machines that are more comfortable to use. Mechanical sewing machines are best suitable for beginners, they’re available during a coffee budget too. Skilled level people can choose any mechanical/ electronic or embroidering sewing machine according to their requirements.

Electronic sewing machines are available with kinds of inbuilt stitch patterns which include, stitch patterns, decorative patterns, and many more features.

  • Purpose of buying/ what are you going to sew

The purpose of buying should be clear if you are in quest of a stitching machine either it is for normal use or for professional but ensure you choose durable sewing machines with more warranty period and more advanced options which reduce the stitching effort. Manual machines may not be suitable for normal sewers, better you decide on electronic sewing machines with high advance options like automatic start and stop button, threading, reverse sewing, stitch pattern, etc.

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