Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Start in India

Are you thinking of starting your own business? are you thinking of the Best Small Business Ideas to Start in India to leverage on? if yes, then this post is for you. There is no way you would have a country that holds billions of people and still claim to be broke. You have a very extensive market to sell to so no matter what you sell, some of those billions would certainly be interested in your work.

So, why not try then? If you are an Indian or living in India and you still haven’t gotten a hang of what to do, now is the time to do some reading and get up. If you are concerned about that start-up capital, we have you covered already, with the top 10 businesses you can start in India and the beauty is, it is at a low cost, so it is for you.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Start in India 

1. Stationery

For a country that large, just start to imagine the amount that you could start to make from selling stationeries and other supplies for school and offices. For this business, you would not need to worry about the season as these materials such as pencils, pens, files, and file jackets, notebooks and the likes are always and would always be in demand. With the businesses and schools around, who said you didn’t have a market?

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2. Jewelry

A lot of Asians are into jewelry, heavy jewelry even, and Indians are not let out of this adornment culture. It particularly sells most during the time of their special festivals when everyone would want to be dressed up to the teeth. Sell different kinds of jewelry for different body parts and if you are good at making customization and engravings, then go for it.

3. Greeting Cards

Subtract birthdays and get together and you would still find out that a lot of parties and celebrations go on in India on a daily basis. Start your own line of greeting cards and produce fine and enticing products to meet and match any occasion. Just get known by even a fraction of everyone, and you’re on the way to greatness already.

4. Restaurant

Many are of the opinion that only the wealthy can start a restaurant, but we want to tell you that all you need is a space that can be converted and the ingredients for the food. Start with simple recipes and when you start to make a lot, you could also start to climb up the ladder and revamp your menu along the way. Read Also: How to Make Money Online in India For Students

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5. Thrift/ Pawn Shops

Since a lot of people are looking to buy second-hand items for their cheap price, why not become the missing link between them and the previous owners of these materials (which could be clothes, jewelry, electronics, anything at all) and you would be making a decent income on the side too?

6. Rentals

Got a car? Or that room in your house that stays locked has been like that for a long time? Why not lease it out to people and let your property work for you? For these, you don’t even need a start-up capital

7. Photography

A lot of cities have people scrambling around daily for rush ID cards and passport photographs and with a digital camera, you could make their dream come true while they would also be blessing your pockets with some decent change. Read Also; Steps to Start A Profitable Photography Business.

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8. Furniture

Start from your locality and design for them neat and great furniture that would meet their taste. Make your products affordable and by the time the recommendations start going out, don’t complain when the whole of India starts coming into your shop to get woodwork made.

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9. Decorations

Indians take their surroundings and their looks very seriously which means that you could just opt to be an interior decorator and help change the look of various homes. Decorators earn a pretty decent amount of money from their gig and since your work would be visible upon entering, take it as you have left your advertisement and business card behind. In no time, you’ve grown.

10. Paintings

Last but not least, paintings. Are you skilled in the language of the brush and paint? And have you painted the portraits of your favorite people or any other scene you love? It might be time to change that from being just a hobby to being a source of income for you. Take the brush and canvass to the streets. Art sells a lot, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can make from a single expression on the ease.

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