Top 10 Small Business Ideas For 2022

With plethora numbers of business ideas, it is very difficult to determine which among them is worth pursuing since you are on the verge of venturing into a business opportunity that isn’t only profitable for the present but also lucrative and profitable for the future.

Do you have low capital on you but don’t have any small business idea you can venture into with it? Are you in need of a business opportunity you can start? Have you been surfing the net for lucrative and ultra profitable business opportunities you can explore in the remaining days of this year and beyond? If yes, this article is meant for your own consumption only.

Obviously, it is without a doubt that our continual efforts here in Abode Business in ensuring that we provide you with varieties of lucrative and profitable business ideas can never be overemphasized, and here we are today again, calling your attention to great business ideas that are unique and capable of giving you the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

While reading through the list, you may notice along the line that most of the business ideas have been growing stupendously. Hence, venturing on the trending business ideas may be risky and at the same time, it may be highly rewarding. So if you are looking for profitable business ideas you can capitalize on, then the following businesses are meant for you to choose from.

Low Capital Investment Business Ideas For  2022

1. Photo Printer Business

The latest trend in most parts of African countries now is studio photographs. People now derive pleasure in taking their birthday pictures, pre-wedding pictures, and all forms of other pictures in the studio and this gives the photo printers a new edge in their business.

This is a business that has been dying and people almost forget about it for years. Ever since the smartphone breakthrough, the only time you see people at a photo printing shop is if they want to print out a passport. But the trend has changed again, people have started patronizing the photo printers.

The more reason why the photo printing business is being active in the industry again is that people are now printing out their photos from their social media platforms. This is because of the incessant hacking that has become the order of the day.

People deem it fit by saving a hard copy of their Facebook, Instagram, and all other online photos for reference purposes, and the only means of doing this are through the photo printers.

Although photo printers may look like a thing of the past, the recent tweak has added fun to them and it has helped bring print photos back. More often than not, there are other business ideas that fall within this niche and among them is the photography business.

If you are good at handling a camera, you can include the photography business in your photo printing venture. As such, your photo printing business is no longer a standalone niche.

2. Reusable Bags Business

Another profitable business idea you might want to consider before 2022 runs out is the reusable business.  People are now becoming even more conscious about the waste product coming out of their homes, most of them are now using reusable bags to reduce the number of plastic waste in their vicinity.

Therefore, business ideas that are based on preserving the environment will help you greatly in developing a socially conscious brand. People are now patronizing reusable bags lately and this proves that people are ready to reduce their waste. A reusable mesh bag is okay for storing things like toys and some other essentials.

3. Athleisure Business idea

Do you know that this “Athleisure” business was never in existence many years back not until April 2014? Now you know. A business opportunity like athleisure appears out of nowhere and it shocks the world by changing the tunes of games. That’s not bad for a fairly new niche, is it?

The increase in athleisure business growth can never joke with. This business entails selling athletes’ goods or wears to people other than a sportsperson. People now buy and use them as playwear, day-to-day wear, and workwear, too. With such kind of use and patronize, the future of the business is bright and its spike will definitely continue to grow.

So, if you are passionate about starting a business that is lucrative, profitable with a future to stay, athleisure is one of the best you can bet on. The business is reliable and you stand a chance to be successful through it if you are at the right location.

4. Streetwear Business opportunity

Another lucrative business idea you can run before the end of this year is the streetwear business this is so because, over the last few years now, the streetwear niche has proven to be growing steadily.

Also, the lucrative startup idea and opportunities like streetwear are perfect for business owners that are interested in providing their lines of the fashion business to men; since men’s streetwear is – right now – exceptionally popular and highly celebrated.

Moreover, research shows that this business niche will continue to grow up, at a stable rate of a 5% increase every year. This is amazing, isn’t it?

In the same vein, the streetwear industry has the weight to stand on its own in the fashion realm and this proves that the fashion business sub-niches are lucrative, ultra profitable, and can be a huge success for the new entrepreneurs.

5. Women’s Dresses Business

There is no point arguing the fact that a business startup that has to do with women’s dresses is usually ultra-competitive and at the same time, they are also extremely popular. If you are the type that is internet savvy, you could notice that most women’s fashion websites have to start to add an interesting trend to their site.

Essentially, women’s dresses are another profitable business you can venture into. The business entails selling trending clothing for women. Even, if you so desire, you can also be selling women’s workwear like blazers, blouses conservative dresses, and many more. This business idea is very sweet to start up.

However, endeavor to visit most of the reputable fashion websites you will see a new item added as “Dresses” under any clothing drop-down. This proves that dresses are one of the highly patronize women’s clothing any retailer will like to place his card on. It’s lucrative and very profitable.

6. Wireless Earphones Business

You will agree with me that the days of Bluetooth is gone and the latest vogue in town now is the wireless earphone as such, if you want to venture into a low budget business where you will make a huge profit turnout within a reasonable time, then the wireless earphones business should be your target.

Moreover, these wireless earphones are currently dominating the market with nothing less than 31% of the market share and it doesn’t look like it will stop soon. Plus, findings also show that this wireless earphone market is likely going to grow by a 7.0% additional increase rate.

However, if you will venture into this business, do it now before it becomes saturated. The business is definitely going to grow exponentially in the next few years and this will make it worthwhile for business owners who will capitalize on this niche.

7. Smartwatches Business

The rate at which people are embracing the smartwatch over the last year has skyrocketed and this is as a result of its jaw-dropping functions. Last year, over 140 million pieces of smartwatches were reported to have been sold across the globe. Do you know what this means for those who capitalize on this?

In fact, the smartwatch industry is expected to rise up to a jaw-dropping figure worldwide very soon which means you stand the chance to rake home some proceeds, too, if you can venture into the business now. After all, the industry it’s expected to make a whopping sum of 53.2 billion dollars in sales revenue in 2019.

However, the functions of the smartwatches in planning for the day activities, tracking steps, etc made them an exceptional innovative business idea that will hardly crash. So if you have what it takes to invest in this market, do it now as tomorrow may be too late.

8. Drawstring Bag Business

The drawstring bag or better still, a Women’s handbag is another business opportunity you can invest in. As simple as it may seem, this business niche has been – over the years – growing steadily and it has established itself as one of the lucrative business ideas.

More often than not, you can start this business on any scale of your choice depending on your capital investment. It is immaterial whether or not you own a very big store or warehouse, you can start selling drawstring bags ranging from 5 to 6 units. With patience and persistence, the business will grow big.

So if you will start selling drawstring or women’s handbags, be informed that there are variants collections of bags you can sell hence, making the business niche an incredible opportunity to try.

9. Floral Business

A floral business opportunity is another business idea with a low budget or capital investment. This floral business encompasses selling fake flowers to be used at the home, office, or for decoration in special events. The business is very lucrative, ultra profitable, and will keep having a market impact for years to come.

Plus, you can start this small business by doing floral arrangements and wedding decor at an affordable price. You can also opt into selling flowers to brides who consider going for artificial flowers in other to save costs and at the same time, you can be selling your flowers to potential customers who want to liven up their office or home.

So, therefore, if you plan to invest in the wedding market, it is advisable for you to sell silk flowers with an absolutely realistic appearance, it pays more than any other.

However, one advantage of this flower business is that you won’t have any flowers to worry about as to its survival since they are all artificial and it will also foster easy shipping for your customers.

10. Home Security Systems

One of the most celebrated electronic gadgets in the United States and some other European countries is the home security system. This is so because every home, whether mansion or bungalow, new or old, needs it because of the prevailing security issue.

Nevertheless, research shows that every 18 seconds, there is at least a reported case of a home that has been burgled in the United States alone. This means the best way to prevent unappealing circumstances is to get a security system. So apart from making a profit in selling home security appliances, you will also be making the community peaceful and keeping families safer.

In addition, the way and manner this business is making sales are very incredible, since nobody will like his / her belongings to be carted away by thieves, the majority have resulted in investing in their peace and safety by patronizing the home security systems.

However, it is important you look at your environment before investing in this business. If your local community is peaceful and free from burglars, you will want to situate the business in a community that is been terrorized by burglars for years without a concrete solution. So placing your business location in such an area will surely yield to your advantage.


Though not limited to the above-mentioned, the discussed small business ideas and opportunities that you can capitalize on are the top-notch and highly patronize business startup you can invest in and make an enormous amount of profit within a short period of time.

The businesses are easy and simple to start and they all have the features of staying in the market for years.


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