How to Start a Bike Logistics Business In Nigeria

The bike logistics company has been a fast-growing business in Nigeria over time and in this article, you’ll learn the most potent ways to start a business around it. With the introduction and growth of E-commerce, there’s been an increased need to Start a Bike Logistics Business.

Small players in this sector are stepping up their game in other to cover the need of the sector so they also, can start a logistics business today and attain success.

Lots of big businesses and even SMEs are into the logistics business. While some run it as a complementary business for pickup and delivery of goods ordered by customers/clients, others are into it full time for pickup, delivery, and even running errands.

How to Start a Bike Logistics Business In Nigeria

The bike delivery business, like every other business, is characterized by obstacles, and a great part of these obstacles can be avoided and managed by proper planning and management. 

If are asking questions like, Is the Bike logistics business profitable in Nigeria? How can I start a courier business in Nigeria? How do I start a delivery business? How much do you need to start a logistics business in Nigeria? etc, regarding this sector and how to go about doing business in this niche, this article is for you.

Let’s get right into it.

Register Your Business 

The first step in setting up your business is to register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), they’re responsible for registering and regulating new and existing businesses. You can as well carry out the registration yourself online or walk into any cyber cafe or CAC-licensed office to register your business. When the above step is done, the following steps should be taken into consideration:

Write a Business Plan

It is one thing to have a business idea and it’s another thing to plan it. Having a business plan helps you on your way up as you climb the business ladder. A business plan helps you understand your competitors and the best possible ways to outshine them.

Through a business plan, you figure out how much you need to go started and how to source funds (if need be). A business plan helps you run your business on paper while you implement all you’ve written down physically and through hard work.

Get an Office Space

Getting an office space is essential in running a logistics company because you need an official address where your office can be found and this would aid you in carrying out advertising campaigns. Office space is where your bikes would be parked and walk-in clients can come in to make inquiries or waybill a parcel. Companies are thriving in the digital space but a logistics company is an exception.

It is also worthy to know the requirements for starting a logistics business in your locality cause it varies from state to state. Knowing this ensures you run your business smoothly without challenges in the nearest future.

Cargo Bike

Cargo bikes are essential in running a bike logistics company because just as the name implies, you would need bikes to run errands, pick up parcels, deliver them and carry out essential services. The importance of this can’t be over-stressed because you can’t cut corners or rule out cargo bikes and as a matter of fact, cargo bikes are the most important when running a bike logistics company.

Dispatch Riders

Dispatch riders are needed to ride the cargo bikes and run the necessary errands. Dispatch riders should also be well trained and should have knowledge of customer service/PR, this is important because they’re the face of your company in the outside world, having bad manners or talking down on clients would make you lose both customers and money.

They should be able to represent your company well and create a good rapport between you and your clients in that the clients interact with them more than they do with you.  The rider also has to be conversant with streets in and around the area, he must be honest too considering the fact that he’d be handling money and other products.

Dispatch Boxes

Dispatch boxes are needed in running this business because there would be attached to the bike and they help in conveying and carrying the goods around. Dispatch boxes come in handy when delivering goods. You can’t even think of operating a business like this without dispatch boxes.

Software/ Computers

A tracking device/software is needed in operating a business like this. You also need a computer to keep track and record whatever happens in and around the establishment. Tracking software helps you know exactly where your riders are and how to get to them at any time.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be phone software, it could be software or any device attached to the bikes that only you know of so that it will not be tampered with.

Mobile Phones

Mobiles phones are needed in running this so you can give them to your riders and whoever would be managing your office space. This would help your clients keep track of where the delivery guy is in cases where there’s a delay. Phones are also needed for ease of communication between the riders, clients, and the company as well.


A store is needed so that goods can be kept until there are taken out for delivery and so they don’t get spoilt or damaged in haulage/storage. A store would also help in organizing and arranging goods and in cases where having a store is a basic requirement for operating this business, it’d come in handy.

Social Media Platforms

Social media aids lots of businesses in running smoothly because it adds visibility to a business as so many people now surf the net to find businesses around them or businesses they can work with. Having a social media platform puts you in the public sphere and makes people more aware of your business.

Research has shown that a great percentage of people are on social media and knowing the right platform to use and the one that’d work better for you would help you reach these people on social media and turn them into customers.


Conclusively, the logistics business is an evergreen business that’s yet to be crowded. People need the services of a logistics company now more than ever, so if you’re looking to start this business, quit foot-dragging and start already.

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