How to Start Apple Farming in Nigeria: Complete Guide

Are you a farmer and will like to Start Apple Farming in Nigeria? If yes, carefully read this piece as it entails all the steps needed to plant and grow an apple in Nigeria.

Interestingly, there has been a proclamation over the years that Apple doesn’t germinate in Africa. Well, that may be true but not the whole truth.

Although the temperature of our environment here may not be too comfortable to grow apple, but yet there are some states in 8n Nigeria that bell apple will grow with proper care.

A state like Plateau has some areas that are okay for growing this plant. Places like Jos, mambilla, Obudu and some others.

Essence, apple farming is lucrative and profitable owning to the fact that the fruits are highly appreciated in our society. Research shows that 50,000 tonnes of Apple are being imported to Nigeria annually.

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Seizing this opportunity to capitalize on farming this kind of fruit is not a bad idea.

The following are however the steps to planting and growing apple in Nigeria.

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Step 1 To Start Apple Farming in Nigeria: Identify Your Cultivars

This first thing you’re to do before starting apple farming in Nigeria is to decide on the kind of apple you’ll grow in Nigeria here.

According to findings, not all the type of apple shows that not all the types of apple could be grown in Nigeria in large quantities except for Bell apple.

So, it’s ideal you identify your variety or cultivar before starting the apple farming business.

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Step 2: Site Selection

The more reason why apple doesn’t germinate in Nigeria is because of the temperature. Apple thrives well in a cold environment.

Hence, choose a location that the temperature is not high but has a good balance of cold weather to grow your apple.

During raining season, the apple plant requires less than 7C temperature for nothing less than 6 weeks and the ideal soil to grow in loamy soil with 5.5 to 6.5 pH.

Step 3: Planting And Growing Activities

Usually, Bell apples are planted around  January or February with rainfall of 115-120cm annually. Where there is heavy rainfall, irrigation is not required.

Apple seeds need light to grow. Gently press the seeds into the soil and give them spaces apart. Continue water the seeds until they start to germinate after 3 weeks.

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What’s more, you can start by selling the ball apple seedlings after 10 weeks of planting them. Farmers often demand it.

However, be informed that you’ll need to be vigilant in the case of bacteria and some other kind of pest.

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Step 4 To Start Apple Farming in Nigeria: Harvesting

It takes about 3 years after planting before Bell apples germinate and each harvest usually yields over 1000 fruits with at least 2 harvests within a single year.

But be enlightened that it takes a lot of time and hard work to see grow an apple. Thus, be energetic and take proper care of the plant if you want it to yield better results.

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That’s that on how to successfully grow apples in Nigeria.


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