How To Start Cucumber Farming in Nigeria

Cucumber Farming in Nigeria

Do you know you can become your own boss through cucumber farming business in Nigeria today? the market value of cucumber can never be overemphasized. It is profitable, lucrative, and highly patronized. Doctors have advised people to be taken cucumber often has it has many health benefits to the body and soul

Equally, cucumber farming in Nigeria comes with lots of capital returns. But to get the farm up and running, there are some certain things that you need to consider.

Without much delay, the following are the simple steps and processes to start a successful cucumber farming in Nigeria.

1. Farm Selection

The first thing to do before starting a cucumber farm is to look for a perfect soil that best suits the fruit.

Hence, the best soil for growing cucumber is loamy or clay land with enough awater, and the farmland should have enough exposure to sunlight too.

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2. Land Preparation

After you must have gotten a better place for your cucumber farming, it is ideal you weed and clear the land for easy cultivation.

Make sure that there are no herbicides on the land so as not to affect the soil quality and the cucumber fruit yield.

3. Seed Selection

Seed selection is another important step towards having a successful cucumber farm.

In a bid to have a qualitative and quantitative cucumber yield, you can source for the fruit seeds in Thailand.

Stay away from cucumber seed imported from Europe and America. They wouldn’t give a better output.

This is so because we have different weather but that of Thailand weather is similar to Nigeria here.

4. Planting

After you must have cleared the land and get the best seeds ready, the next cause of action is to plant.

Be informed that there is no specific period of the year that cucumber should be planted, you can plant it at any time of the year.

However, if you will be planting it during the dry season, you should endeavor to have an irrigation system to generate enoughwater supply.

It is very important because cucumber plants requires much water.

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5. Post Planting

Cucumber farming post-planting operation seems difficult but with persistence, it’ll be easier.

Do the plant weeding after 25 days of the seed planting. And after a few weeks, try to support the cucumber plants with some kind of sticks or pillars.

Cucumber is a climbers plant by nature and as such, it requires such support for efficient growth.

There is also a need for mulching, irrigating, and fertilizer application for plant growth effectiveness.

Similarly, you’ll pay close attention to the plant because of insects and bacteria. In case the insect is too disturbing, you can get an insecticide.

6. Harvesting

The best time to harvest cucumber is when they green and immature. Though it depends on the cucumber seed varieties, it takes 40 to 50 days for it to be fully ripe.

7. Market

There is nothing left in your sojourn to become a cucumber farmer now than to market and sell your cucumber in large quantity.

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