How To Start Profitable Rabbit Farming Business

Rabbit – furry little friends – are a very good source of income for anyone who knows what they are doing. It only takes a little bit of knowledge in animal care and husbandry, a passion for the right thing, and some dedication and commitment on your part to start making your fast and steady cash from them. Rabbits are pretty common in our society today and it shouldn’t be hard for you to get one to rear, but knowing how to read it so that you do not get frustrated in the process and quit after investing a lot is key.

You might have been a rabbit enthusiast from an early age and might have even been reared it for fun or just as a pet but do you know that of what you can do for your rabbit, your rabbit can even do more to keep your pocket happy? The reason why this business is so profitable is that the rabbit provides a lot of income from various sources, some of which are listed as you would be seeing below.

Meat From Rabbit

Rabbit meat is very popular in some quarters and there are almost no known taboos associated with eating them, meaning you can make a lot in the meat market. A lot of people are lovers of exotic meat and not the regular cow or goat meat that we eat every day and would pay generously to buy your rabbits from you. The meat of the rabbit is very rich in protein and other nutrients also; the medicinal side is not something that you should worry about. Why not just delve in there and start making money via this?

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Skin/ Hide

Like most furry animals, the skin and hide of a rabbit are equally important, and there is no telling how much you can make from it depending on how large your farm is. If you have enough rabbits for it, you could opt to process their hide and sell it separately from the meat, making even more

Fecal Matter

The feces of rabbits are very beneficial to plant growth as they contain a lot of important micro and macronutrients which would fix into the soil. For this reason, a lot of farmers would be glad if you can handle their feces well, package it, and sell it to them after to use as manure on their farms. Even before your rabbit is slain for meat, you would have made back a lot of the start-up capital in this way.

Medicinal Preference

Rabbits have a very high rate of conversion of feed to meat and this makes their meat mass very much. In the same vein, they also use less of the meals they consume to produce fat which translates to low cholesterol. For this reason, rabbits are highly recommended in diets by medical experts. Congratulations, your rabbit farm just got the endorsement of every doctor.

1. Get a Rabbit Farming Business Plan

A business plan is a good way to start your business as it would be the template on which you would base everything that you would be doing. Let your business plan be well detailed, containing basic business running pieces such as starting capital, business goals, a list of potential markets, your expected income and a lot of other things. The business plan would help keep you in check and keep your head in the game should any challenges arise.

2. Get Knowledge on Rabbit Care

To be successful in the care of rabbits, you need to get important information to make your ride smoother. This would make sure that your farm runs on little glitches and you are able to take care of certain situations on your own. It also informs you about a lot before you go into the business, equipping you with enough to know how to make basic decisions on your farm.

3. Housing Plan

In the care of rabbits, housing is one of the most important things for you to consider. A proper housing system would go a long way in affecting the welfare and growth of your rabbit. A good housing system should have a good litter box separated from the feeding area. a lot of diseases and infections can be gotten by other rabbits from the feces of an infected one and proper housing would eliminate this kind of occurrence. Proper ventilation, water, and lighting should also be taken into consideration when designing a house for your rabbits.

4. Feeding

Rabbits have a very high feed to meat conversion ratio and this would help you save capital while maximizing profits. Rabbits are mainly vegetarian animals and would feed on things such as grasses (elephant grass, shrubs, leaves, herbs), potatoes and the likes. They are also favorites of clean water and if you see that your rabbits are not drinking, it would be wise to first check if there are no dirt droppings in their water container or if the container is clean in the first place. Good food would ensure a better growth rate for your rabbit, and that would ensure better sales and profits.

5. Reproduction

Rabbits are one of the most productive farm animals that could be reared and this can contribute to the fast increase of your farmland. Normally, after conception, a rabbit would carry their child for a period of 4 – 5 months after which they put to bed. On average, rabbits would produce about 6 – 10 kits at once. Imagine if one of your female rabbits took in twice a year and by how much that would increase your farm. Stunning!

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6. Market your Rabbit Farming Business

It is always best to rear male rabbits for their mating with the females and selling for meat when they’re old and mature enough. The females should only be sold when they have started to decline, something you can easily see from their response to mating and the number of kits they produce at once. At this point, you have gained the maximum from them and can even gain more by selling. That’s a double portion of your income for you.

With all of these prospects and a promise of low start-up capital, you can start your own farm today and start earning decently now.


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