How To Start An Event Planning Business From Home

Most recent organizers started from their homes or as an apprentice to professional event planners. This is always the best solid foundation that will enable you to set up your own event planning business easily.
Advantages of starting this event planning business from home are;

  • Low cost
  • Fewer worries about paying or renting expensive office
  • It enables you to focus on the growth of the business
  • It also enables you to save more and gather funds for expansion.

So if you are wondering if setting up this business from home would work, I am here to tell you, absolutely yes it will. Now let’s go through some of the tips to ponder on.

How To Set Up Event Planning Business From Home


As an individual who is starting his or her event planning business from home, you have to engage or undergo some soul searching. Take time out to do some research work that will be beneficial to your line of work and also engage in market testing. Once you are able to pass this stage, the other stages will come easy to you.


This means that you have to be your own cheerleader. Since you will be working from home, you need to look for ways to motivate yourself and you need to also look forward to building a successful name for yourself and your business venture.


One of the beauties in setting up this business from home especially at the early stage is that you get to save money. I mean, you worry less about raising the right funds to rent things like office space, set it up to look corporate, your transportation cost daily, and the rest.

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Networking is very important in any kind of business and it doesn’t matter if you are starting your business from home or in an office environment. You just need to build a network of contacts and contracts that will be beneficial to your business, ensure to sell yourself well to friends, family members, and prospective clients as well.

Associate and mingle with other event planners, attend social gatherings and other stuff, you never can tell where your next job might come from. You also need to do networking online by creating a website for your business, showcasing jobs you have done, and the rest. Don’t forget to visit other social media platforms and advertise your business there too.


You need to create a place or space in one of your rooms and convert it to your work area. If you prefer, you can design the work area to suit your style of work but make sure you have working materials like a smartphone or laptop with an Internet connection, desk, shelves or filing cabinet, chairs, printer, etc.


The fact that you are working from home shouldn’t make you less serious and be found slacking. People vary, some need something or someone to get them going with their daily job.

For instance, you can choose to get up and dress like you are going for an office job or something and begin your daily work in your workspace at home –if that will get you to be more serious, go for it. Do whatever works best for you, so long as you know what you are doing and it gets the job done.


This is the part you might have to deal with as your business grows. There will need to buy a bigger printer, marketing materials, and other working tools. The issue of where to store these materials as they too start taking up space in your work area will be your primary concern, then the need to move to a bigger and better-built office will surface.


One of the major perks of working from home is the high level of productivity. There is no specific closing time as in the cases of nine to five jobs. You get to carry on working for as long as you want to and you worry less about how to get home as you feel secure in the comfort of your own workspace at home.

Other perks to working at home include; no business registration, tax, office rent, and also being able to take care of your household running expenditure through the business.

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In conclusion, everyone hopes to achieve success in whatever business they get into and the fact that you want to start and set up this event planning business at home shouldn’t make you less dedicated. Rather work hard and focus on expanding and moving your business into a befitting and bigger environment.