How To Start Tailoring Material Business In Nigeria

Do you want to start a tailoring material business in Nigeria? No doubt this is a very lucrative business, it’s thriving and it’s fast-growing. Are you willing and ready to dive into this business and you’ve got questions like where to get the materials, how much capital you need to start, what exactly to buy and the likes, this article is just for you?

Let’s get you started!

How To Start Tailoring Material Business In Nigeria

To start tailoring material business in Nigeria, one doesn’t necessarily need to have any special qualification, just have an eye for the good stuff and know how to bargain. So not having an educational qualification is not a disqualification. Although people who want to be more professional about it go for training to know how to combine materials, what material would go with a particular skin shade, they also go to become fashion consultants. But for starters, all that isn’t needed to start the business, you just have to have an eye for the good stuff, have your capital and you’re good to go.

When starting this business, it is important to position your shop/outlet in a favorable location, having a good location for your business puts you in the faces of your customers, you’re where they want you to be and you’re very accessible. Also, check that there are very few tailoring materials shops around there so there wouldn’t be too much competition. You can go where you have more tailors, understand their needs, study your environment and know exactly what they want so you’ll deliver just that. 

Factors to Consider When Starting Tailoring Material Business In Nigeria 

Write a Business Plan

Before starting off a business, the first thing to do is to write down a business plan, it’d help you plan your business appropriately. We have outlined steps to write an effective business plan, ensure you read it. Having a business plan as it concerns this business would enable you to decide on what exactly you want to sell and it’d help you decide on how much capital you’d need. 

Capital Requirement:

How much does it cost to start a tailoring business in Nigeria?

Having written down the business plan, the next thing to consider is your capital; you really do not need a truckload of money to operate this business as you can start with even #50,000. You can’t just start off without money, so it’s important to have your capital before embarking on a business like this.

Your capital is dependent on what you intend to sell, you can have a big mental picture but with limited funds, it’s advisable you start off small and expand later cause that big chunk of money you’re waiting for may never happen. Start with what you have.

It’s also worthy of note as it concerns capital that the higher amount invested, the higher your profit/income.

Where to Source For Tailoring Materials

Since the main purpose of starting off a business is to satisfy needs and make profits, it’s best you purchase your materials at affordable rates from places you’re sure of getting the best quality.

Places/ Markets to Shop For Tailoring Materials in Nigeria Includes:

Aba/Ariaria market

Onitsha market

Ibadan market

Balogun market

You can also get it in other parts of Lagos like Oshodi, Idumota, Ojuelegba, and the likes. 

How Profitable is Tailoring Material Business?

Tailoring materials sales are very profitable and amongst the Top Profitable Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria. depending on how you run it and by that I mean you don’t spend carelessly, you reinvest your profit to make more profit and you don’t do “giveaway” with your business.

The location of your business also determines your profit level, if you’re in a location with fewer tailoring materials shops around, that means more sales and more profit. Another way to make money from this business is to supply in large quantities to tailors, draft out proposals and tell them you’d supply materials to them at subsidized rates which of course would be favorable to you. 

Carry out a Survey/ Research

Don’t go into the business like a novice, do your findings to know exactly what the business really entails, what your environment is all about, how to identify original materials because if people know you sell original stuff, they’d always come to patronize you. Also do your findings to know what is in vogue at a particular time, if you go ahead to shop without research, you’d end up buying things that nobody needs and you’d run at a loss in the long run.

Researching helps you make a profit in several ways and one of such ways is to find out how much the shops around are selling a particular thing, you can then take out a few Naira from the price and sell yours cheaper but in a way, you’ll make money too. That would attract more customers which is directly proportional to more sales and more profit.

Tailoring Materials to Buy and Sell

We’ve made out a list of things to buy as starting off a business could be tricky, you may not always know what exactly to buy. So in no particular order, you can buy the following things:

  1. Zips
  2. Sewing Machine oil
  3. Scissors
  4. Needles
  5. Thread
  6. Bridal satin
  7. Fashion stones
  8. Tape
  9. Fabrics of all kinds (lace, net, chiffon, silk etc )
  10. Machine reeler
  11. Buttons
  12. Presser feet
  13. Thimble
  14. Safety pins
  15. Beads
  16. Rulers
  17. Threader
  18. Gum
  19. Holding pins and pincushions
  20. Shoulder/breast pads
  21. Bridal nets

These and many more are the materials to buy when starting off this business, you’d even find out as you progress that some customers would be the ones to tell you what to buy. As they make demands and you find out you don’t have that particular thing. Jot it down somewhere and get it the next time you travel. 

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Create an Online Presence for Your Business 

GO DIGITAL WITH YOUR BUSINESS! it’s one Thing to Start Tailoring Material Business and another to advertise and get customers. Harness the power of social media to digitalize your business and make more money. Social media would help you have a good reach and more people would get to know about you, it doesn’t matter if you have a big shop or not. You would even have a larger audience and people could order online and you have their goods delivered to them.  

An additional tip in this business is to make a record of everything you buy and sell because:

  1. You may forget the wholesale price you got the item for and end up selling it cheaper
  2. You may have workers who would want to run you down by stealing, so writing down sales made would keep them in check.
  3. It helps you calculate your income/profit
  4. You can easily separate your cost price from your selling price.


Tailoring materials business and attaining success is not a get rich quick kind of business, it needs to be nurtured and with proper management, you can increase profit. It is lucrative too and can be operated by anyone, follow the steps in this article and you’d be satisfied with the result.

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