How To Start A Bulk SMS Reseller Business In Nigeria

Have you been surfing the internet on how to kick start a profitable bulk SMS reseller business in Nigeria? Do you need the basic step to start bulk SMS services? If yes, this article is meant for you as it is on a journey to unravel the steps involves.

Obviously, the rate at which people are patronizing the bulk SMS now is jaw-dropping. It enables one to send a single message to thousands with little or no stress at all.

With many business establishments and organizations such as political parties, churches, banks, alumni, associations, offices and many more sending a message to tens of thousands of subscribers simultaneously.

There is a heavy tendency that the bulk SMS business is a business for the present and future.

While the business is lucrative and profitable, the following are however the simple steps to starting bulk SMS reselling business in Nigeria. Money is required to start this business if you don’t have the money see How To Obtain A Business Loan To Start A Business

  1. Design a Mobile-Friendly SMS Website

To get started in the bulk SMS reseller business, there is a need for you to create a mobile-friendly SMS website.

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Often, the website is totally different from a blog or a popular website. Hence, it’s ideal you engage the service of a programmer in building one.

In the same vein, design sections on the website where you can send the bulk SMS, save user details, allocate credits and where you can perform some other functions related to the bulk SMS business.

  1. Register the built Bulk SMS Website with a Bulk SMS Wholesaler of Your Choice

After you might have created a website for your bulk SMS resell business, it is important you find a trusted and reliable SMS wholesaler with good feedback and customer reviews.

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Remember, you will be purchasing and selling a custom bulk SMS units from the wholesaler, hence, look for a bulk SMS wholesaler that’ll offer nice services and register with them.

  1. Buy Custom SMS Units

In the course of partnering with the bulk SMS wholesaler, it’s expected of you to buy a certain number of custom SMS units to start your Bulk SMS reseller business.

Depending on your startup fund, you can purchase as much as 15,000 custom units. All that the wholesaler will do is to credit your account immediately you purchase your interested volume of custom units.

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At the same time, the wholesaler will send you guidelines (after the purchase has been made) for setting up your bulk SMS reselling gateway in case you do not have any.

  1. Market Your Bulk SMS Reselling Business

The moment you purchased your custom units, your bulk SMS reselling service is ready for business.

To get started, you’ll have to announce your bulk SMS business presence to your ideal audience. This is important if you really want to make sales and generate profit.

Take your bulk SMS business marketing online by creating a profile for the business on any available social media platforms. See the 6 Steps That Increases Your Social Media Followers 

Marketing is the key to making any new business establishment a profitable venture, always remember!


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