6 Steps That Increases Your Social Media Followers

This article is focused on helping Social Media Influencers to be, Entrepreneurs and Brand owners to rapidly grown their followers on Social Media.

It’s challenging for people this days who have a good thing on their table to grow their business advertisement and patronage without the use of social media.

It is also not enough to have the social media account, it’s also challenging to rapidly have a good number of followers who can help to project the said brand or product to the general public.

This has never come so easy, but there are certainly some measure steps that are required to make it easy.

If you own a brand and you have been looking for ways to increase your followers on social media in other to add value to your brand/products, then you are on the right page.

The below steps will guide and help you get even more followers than you have never imagined.

  • Create a Credible Profile 

Having a credible profile simply means, let people know who really you are.

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There are so many social media accounts that sometimes you ask the question if they are real humans, with the kinds of names, images used on the profile. At such, one may not want to follow such account especially to promote a brand from such account.

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So when your profile is not filled with correct details, you are simply chasing away potential followers. If you have been doing that, now you know the right thing to do, make an amendment and see your followers list increased.

  • Define Your Brand

After creating a credible profile on your account, the next thing you should do is to name your brand. Let’s say your brand has to do with the selling of cosmetics, your brand name should be included on your profile. E.g (Brand: Cassy Cosmetics, Beauty Palace)

You can as well include it on every of your interaction on social media so as to keep informing people daily. One connection will lead to another and gradually you will see followers flooding daily.

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  • Follow Legitimate Accounts

Another important thing you must do to increase your followership is to also follow credible and legitimate social media influencers.

People who are not just having a bunch of followers but that is active and can help in suggesting your page and your products.

  • Proper Use of Hashtags (#)

The use of hashtags, e.g. (#InfinixS4, #Davido #Bbnaija) has a long way of increasing your post views and followership when properly used.

There has never been a day without one hashtag or the other, either on Twitter or Instagram.

Find the trending hashtags and embed them on your post. This will make your post appear on pages where the trending hashtags are seen. And this in return will make people know more about you, your product or brand.

  • Be Active and Positive
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What do I mean by being active and positive? I simply mean let your page be lively always. Always have something to post and share with your audience. Something meaningful, most especially that has to do with your brand.

By doing this, you are keeping your followers informed and also attracting potential followers who by interest can bump into your profile at any time, and when they do, they expect to meet things that define you or your product.

  • Ask For Friends Support

Your friends also can influence your market. Get in touch with some friends who have interesting numbers of followers, ask for their help in promoting your page, product or brand. This can add to your followership, and you can be sure that your followers also will help you share, retweet and publicise your post.

Properly maintaining the above can boost your social media followership and increase the knowledge of your brand.


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