How to Start a Driving School Business- The Business Plan

In priority of most yet-to-be successful individuals and families are cars, and among the acquisition of successful individuals and families are cars thereby increasing the demand for Driving School Business. Millions of cars are produced annually, millions are sold as well.

This is to illustrate the high demand for cars, making car production, and sale a lucrative business. Subtly lays yet another lucrative business- DRIVING SCHOOL BUSINESS.

Many fail to realize how lucrative a driving school can be for investors. A car is not complete without a driver, and good drivers are products of good and advanced driving schools.

Driving is now a necessary skill for all to acquire just as a car is a necessity. Millions of cars are sold annually so millions subscribe and pay for a driving test or instruction.

Do you know you can make a huge profit providing this hot service through opening a driving school business anywhere in the world- the United States recorded an annual figure of 1.6million plus driving tests per year, so also around the world, in Canada, Austria, Russia, Japan, and Europe, etc.

Are you a good, skilled, and patient driver, can you teach others to become a good driver or you’re an entrepreneur looking for a lucrative business to invest in? Let’s evaluate this business to ascertain

  1. What is referred to as a driving school?
  2. The market and demand for driving school 
  3. The steps to open a driving school anywhere 
  4. Services offered in driving school 
  5. Equipment etc
  6. Capital/investment requirement and cost

Starting a business provides a great advantage for investors, starting a Driving School Business in your state/country provides even more advantages and opportunities of making a huge profit and still serve the human race as you will be saving lives and property on your country roads, one less unskilled and the untrained driver is one less accident and more lives saved.

What is a Driving School Business

Personally, a driving school refers to a private, or grouped established institution of learning for drivers and to be drivers., a driving school is a place where advanced and professional driving tutors, driving tests, car papers, drivers licenses, car hire, and more are offered to interested people helping them learn how to drive and become a pro driver.

Market and Demand for Driving School Business

Research and findings show that all over the world the need for a driving school remains large and still increasing as far as automobile exists.

Steps to Start a Driving School Business

 1. Registration /licensing 

First thing first, a Driving School Business is a business that has a lot to do with laws- state laws, federal and state road laws, etc to be in line and avoid running into trouble or possible closure is registration. Registration starts with registering a business name or country with the appropriate body in your country.

Please note while registering please choose a liability company as opposed to a sole proprietor or partnership company. After the business name of company registration, you would apply for licensing of business for a driving school with the appropriate body.

This involves being a certified driver instructor or having one, a requirement that differs from country to country. Some country requires that an instructor should have driven for at least 42 days some require more or less pending on the country.

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2. Make Out the Time

After registration of the business name and license, the next step is to make the time. Starting up a driving school requires much time, so I would include it as a step.

To really earn from this business is to make out time, it’s not an online driving or an online driving school that you would do at leisure, it’s not the normal 6 am-4 pm or 8 am-6 pm job schedule.

Mind you, your customers might be managers, house wife’s, students, employers, or employees and in such can be on a tight schedule so you need to make out time to render this service to them whenever possible or chosen, say Sundays, Saturdays, by 6 am, 12 noon, 3 pm, etc. see below for possible time schedules you can use for your Driving School Business.

– 1 Month of driving 5 days a week. i.e. 20 lessons

– 3 weeks of driving lessons at 5 days a week i.e. 15 lessons –

-2 weeks driving lessons i.e. 10 lessons – 1-week driving lessons i.e. 5 lessons

– 10 Saturday at weekend i.e. 10 lessons

– 5 Saturday at the weekend i.e. 5 lessons etc

This is the time scheduled you can adopt, you can add more. To some customers, this is still not flexible so you will have to make out time for them as well. (Make extra money also)

3. Employ Workers

Assuming you are starting small and will be doing the work yourself, you can overlook this step but if you intend to start on a medium or large scale you will need to employ workers (Drivers for practical teaching, Receptionists for registration of the new customer, etc) this is a crucial step and 50% determines your success, in hiring workers target, skilled, friendly and patient workers, especially drivers.

4. Services to Offer in Your Driving School

Before we jump to the money requirement I would want you to understand the work and service you can offer and make money from in driving school and the possible scale you can start on.

Opening a driving school you would be providing one, two, three, or even all of the services listed below.

1. Driver’s Training

often when we talk about Driving School Business, what we think usually is the driver’s training aspect. Yes, the service offered in a driving school is the driver training service but that is just one service out of a possible five.

This driver training service entails tutoring, conducting, carrying out drivers test, providing driving classes, and teaching students how to become good drivers theoretically and practically. Other services you can offer in driving schools are:

2. Driver’s License

If at start-up, you licensed and registered your business properly with the right agency in regulation of driving institution in your country, you can also start issue driver’s license.

3. Driver’s papers

In situations of purchase of new cars by the student before and after training a driving school helps process and obtain car papers and other related documents.

4. Car hire

This is a service you can also offer under your driving school establishment depending, it’s a service often offered by advanced driving schools in which driving schools hire or lease cars out to the general public for stipulated purposes

5. Driver’s Outsourcing

If you have offered driving teaching jobs before you would find out that some people are not too interested neither in driving or learning how to drive. Perhaps lazy, they prefer being driven so you can add driver outsourcing service to your portfolio.

It’s simply a service where you will connect your customers with trained and experienced drivers to drive them. All this above service involves money for the customers and profit for the investor in driving school business.

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3. Equipment

To open a driving school you will need some equipment for easy and smooth operation. Since it’s about driving the first is

 a. Car(s)

For practical teaching and driving, for conducting the driving test(s). The number of cars to start with depends on the scale you want to operate in. you can start with one, two, three, or even 30 cars.

But it’s better the number of cars grows with your business. Note you will need both Automatic and Manual cars to start.

b. Driving Simulator

This is a new technology in the business, if you have the money, you can acquire a driving simulator. Though expensive, it will certainly save you some crashes on cars by first-timers. – Computers- for data entry and record keeping.

c. Boards and Writing Pen

The driving school is not all about jumping into a car and having the instructor tell you to go left or right, there are lots of behind scene activities before road appearance. To help carry out these activities you will need a board and writing pen for easy teaching.

– Road sign- for easy demonstration and explanation while in driving classes to help familiarize symbols and their meaning to the student. Etc

6. Capital/ Investment Requirement

driving school is a lucrative business, and likewise, every business start-up, investment, and capital is required, in that vein also is driving school business, will need a certain amount.

The capital requirement of this business is dependent on factors like scale, how many cars, type, and model of cars, how many workers to employ, and what services to offer. Etc

Conclusion: How to start a Driving School Business

Driving school is a good and profitable business irrespective of location, time, and season. Return on investment is high and profiting so if you want to start? Then go on you’re not making a mistake.

Hope this article helps? If there is anything I missed, or you want to make a contribution please use the comment box below to ask. We will provide answers to your questions. Have fun