How To Start Livestock Feed Production In Africa

Do you want to become a specialist in livestock feed production? Are you planning on starting your own feed production? Do you want to break the chain of poverty by doing what you love in exchange for money? Here are cooled ways you can start.

One of the lucrative and profitable agricultural businesses in Africa today is the livestock feed production business because there isn’t much competition in this field as many investors haven’t sighted it to be ranking.

A key factor that reigns in any livestock farmers’ mind is to see their herds becoming fatter and healthier, they rear their herds with proffer to believe in making something real from it.

Though a livestock feed producer should go through the process of knowing the right ingredients for his produce. There are some ingredients that duly enable the easy and brilliant growth of any livestock like wheat, kernels cake, oyster shell, bone meal, and lots of others.

Before letting the cat out of the bag, think of what areas of specialization could be more fruitful and more effective. Is it, birds feed, rabbits, or the ruminant animals’ segment. Research about it on time.

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Livestock Feed Production

Now let’s look strategically and aimfully into what it takes to start your livestock feed production business.

Formulate your formula

Feeds aren’t just going to be mixed, grounded, and packaged without the right amount of ingredient mixing and evaluation.

Livestock is liable to develop infections if ingredients like fibers, vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates aren’t there. They still would be disastrous if you don’t insert the right volume of this ingredient.

Meet a livestock nutritionist to help you generate your specialization formula and after this, you can shoot the next arrow.

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Purchase the necessary ingredients

Livestock feed is solely based on reproducing raw foods into grounded form.

Some common ingredients are corn and maize for energy, soya beans meal, wheat offal for protein, fish meals, kernel cake, oyster shells, minerals, common salt, and hydrating elements. It costs less than a hundred thousand nairas to purchase this ingredient depending on the volume.

After purchasing your ingredients, you would have to kick the next ball.

Purchase The Needed Equipment

Though you might be less financially buoyant while purchasing the necessary machines and engines. Here you can reach out to those industries that have it and finally, you can pay them while they process the food for you, after all, you would have to do it for a while and thereafter, you can get yours available.

If you have the money, some of the equipment is; grinders, mixers, pellet makers, elevators, steam boiler, cooker, sifter, crumble maker, conveyors, freezer, weighing scales, packaging bags, sealers, and bag sewers.

Purchase them yourself, if you can’t, reach a specialist or an expert.

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Sum it all

While succeeding in getting the necessary things.

You need to get a name for yourself, register your farm and off you go for efficient production.

Also, you need to market your product and surely you shall marvel at the end of the day. Don’t forget packaging and strategy give birth to success. Aim high!


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