How To Start A School Chalk Production Company

Chalk production in Nigeria is a very lucrative business due to the increasing way both private schools and public schools are springing up especially private schools in the country.
This is so because a lot of people have come to realize and understand the importance of education to human’s existence, aside from that it is used in schools, chalk is also used by surveyors, furniture makers, construction workers, tailors, and many others to make marks on the materials/buildings they are working on. This in return has lead to the high demand for chalk and has created a big investment opportunity.

Chalk production can be done at home or better yet find an affordable spacious facility and rent, that way your production capacity will not be limited or restricted. Have it in mind that chalk production is a very easy thing to do, it does not need any special technical skill to produce, all you need to do is know how to mold the chalk into any length, size, or shape.

The purpose of this article is to guide you on the steps to take to start your own chalk production company. Read on.

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1. Write a Business Plan:

I keep saying this in all of my business articles because it is important to have a plan or better yet, a feasibility report on the business you are embarking on. The plan/report will highlight to you your goals, make sure they are achievable goals. Your business/management cost, your target market, competitions, and all other important factors. Having a business plan also keep your focus on your goals.

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2. Learn the Process:

 Like I said above, no special skill is required to learn how chalk is made, all you need do is find someone who already has the knowledge or is in the chalk business and gets him to show you how to mix and mold/fold the chalk.

The production process involves: mixing the POP (a whitish powder) with calcium carbonate chemical in a bowl or preferably a bucket, add water to it for a smooth mixture and place the already mixed ingredients inside the molding machine, then take it outside to the sundry for 3days or used the oven for quick finish work. Those are the important process in the production of chalk.

3. Source For Funds:

 In this business, you need just the right amount to begin and the right amount does not mean huge capital here. Just the necessary funds to get you the chalk mold machine and to buy all the other raw materials for the production and if you are not starting from home then funds to rent a spacious space among other expenses. It is best you get the funds for the business on your own but if you cannot then you can always source funds from a micro-finance bank, friends, or individual investor who is ready and willing to invest in a profitable venture.

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4. Register the Business:

 Once your capital is taken care of and you are ready to start the business, the next important thing to do is to register the business. Registration of your business would take much of your time and money, so get that settled as soon as possible.

5. Find a Good Business Location:

Here, you have to make sure to get a good and not too expensive location preferably in the heart of town, and possibly close to where schools and markets are to rent and begin your business of producing chalk.

6. Purchase Raw Materials/Equipment:

 The molding machine is the major equipment used in the production of chalk and there are two types of this machine out there, one is made of metal and the other of rubber which is attached to a wooden frame.

This molding machine contains about 150-240 holes, it determines the number of chalk it can produce at a time, and the machine is sold for about $130 that is #40,000 thousand Naira.

The required raw materials needed for the production of chalk include plaster of paper known as POP (a whitish powder)usually used for molding cast around broken legs or arm in hospitals, calcium carbonate chemical, water, bowls or buckets to mix all the ingredients and cups for measurement. If your budget allows it you can also purchase a mechanical dryer or oven but if you don’t have the funds, you can always sundry the chalk.

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7. Hire Workers:

 Here, you have to ensure that you hire dedicated workers who will help produce quality chalk and increase the quantity produced. Note that, this is a start-up business, so you do not want to overshoot your budget/funds by hiring many hands, all you need is about one or two persons to lessen the workload and hasten the production process.

8. Market Your Product:

Now that your finished product is ready, the next thing to do is search for ways to market your product. Like, giving incentives to buyers to encourage sales and wholesalers who will help push your products to their customers. You can also approach furniture makers, tailors, construction companies, schools both public and private and offer promo to get loyal patronage from them. The internet is also there to utilize because with the level of competition out there in the marketplace, you have to ensure you always come up with good marketing strategies and concepts to get your packaged chalk to those in demand.

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And remember, you can only achieve success in anything you do with hard work and dedication. So there you have it. Get started on that chalk production company today.

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