How To Start A Nylon Production Business + Free Business Plan

Are you looking for a business to invest in, are you perhaps looking for the right business that pays? Then I strongly recommend you start nylon production and selling a business. This is a good and lucrative opportunity for you to exploit, the demand for nylon is very extensive and still expanding on a daily basis nationwide. Owing to varieties of uses of this product its demand is simply outweighing the supply.

Nylon is used both by individuals, shops (both retailers and wholesalers) companies (both goods and food manufacturing companies) on the basis of individuals’ nylon bags have a wide range of uses domestically such as storage, bagging, shopping and covering. On the basis of companies usage nylon is in constant demand in the large quantities being used for wrapping and packaging of their products.

Nylons are available in different sizes and thickness and in such are used based on this, for soft, thin, and transparent nylon is used for packaging of edible products (e.g. Bread, etc) and non-edible products.

Thicker forms are used as covers for products. Not forgetting the supermarkets and laundry operators who use nylon (some cases customized nylon) for packaging of the sale and packaging of client’s clothes.

Nylon is also used in the educational sector as laminators, in construction and building for making tents. The uses of nylon cut across all works of life and also for decoration, fancy shopping bags, school bags, and other uses.
Haven saw the vast market range of this business one is guaranteed of making huge profits from nylon production;

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Below in this article, I will be reveling with a detailed step on how you can start and start making it big from nylon production. So I advise you to read on with all concentration.

How to start a Nylon Production and Make Money From it:


Starting up this business requires the following
Adequate knowledge of the business
Technical know-how
Raw material
Employees ( though not needed initially if starting on a small scale)

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Raw material For Nylon Bags Production:

Raw materials for nylon production are chemically based, mainly of the byproduct of petrochemicals such as
Polyethylene also
B.A.S.F etc
These materials listed above should not scare you as they are abundantly available in Nigeria.

Machinery for Nylon Bags Production

Find the machines needed for production in the ebook


Polyethene bag is produced by heating and feeding rolls into machinery which draws out rolls into a segment of specified length which are then cut off into the individual bags.

The rate of production depends on this machine, the thickness, and the size of the bag to be produced. The machine has a rate of 70,000 bags per hour for thin bags and 2000 bags per hour for thick bags. The machine is automated or semi-automated using a 220volts electric motor once switched on the machine works off upon completion of production of rolls of polyethylene feed into it. [b]NOTE:[/b] punching is done on a separate machine know as a puncher which is semi-manual.


If you’re asking if you really have a chance of making it then the answer is that of an emphatic yes. Not minding the current players in this production for supply is yet far from equal with the demand so there is a readily available market for your products.

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To start off on this you can start with an initial investment of just 5000 which you will be using to get our feasibility/report eBook on this business that will reveal to you the secrets of this business
– Where to source raw material at a cheaper rate
– Where to obtain the machinery
– How to seek a fund with the report
– How to start off production
– Marketing
– Management etc

For full details get the BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY REPORT that we will provide for you for free. All you need do is join west entrepreneur if you are yet to and hit the reply button to drop your email address. In less than 30minutes, it will be sent to you.

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