How To Start Up a Supermarket Business In Nigeria.

Certain products are major necessities of life by which men survive, just as food is a major necessity of life man can’t go without it, these products come in different forms, of such products you will agree with me that the sale of such product is sure to attract buyers thus making supermarket business a lucrative investment.

 A supermarket is a large purchase store where goods and products of all kinds are sold. Are you employed, employer, an employee looking to make extra money, or a job seeker, a graduate, or an investor looking for a profitable business to invest in? Do you have a passion for buying and retailing of various products then I will compel you to invest in this lucrative business of supermarket stores? 

Supermarket stores sell every day (weekdays and weekends), it’s not a seasonal business, it sells not minding the economy status at that time(either positive or negative), it sells even when there is a strike, even when governments are yet to pay, imagine a supermarket that sells provisions, laundry products, cooking utensils, and spices, bakery products, wears, toiletries, makeups (for the ladies:- body cream, hair cream, sprays, body spray, eye pencils, lipsticks, etc) for the men (spray, perfumes, creams, etc), etc and you have a meeting and you need to look good, but you discover you don’t have a starch( laundry product) your toothpaste have just finished, and so is your spray among other things, the solution I know will be to storm the nearby supermarket to get those things.

 Now as a mother, it’s visiting day and you need to go visit your ward in school, you need to buy provisions. Now you’re not the only one living in that neighborhood thousands are and all need either a product or one of the entire products in the supermarket as it’s of necessity.

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 How much do you think the supermarket will be making each day?

No doubt the profit in some goods is N5, some N30, and some N500, now the number of people that bought from the supermarket is 500 that day.

For just one goods/product say that with profit margin of N5, i.e. 5*500= N2500, for that of N30, i.e. 30*500= 15,000 for that of 500, i.e. 500*500= 250,000 that day.

Summation will be 2500+15,000+250,000=267,500perday.

This is just a rough sketch as it is not only three goods in stock. I want you to see how lucrative this business is. It has been proven over and over again that supermarket or convenience store is and had remained one of the businesses that are 100% sure to survive in any town, city, state, country or continent in fact in any part of the world provided that people live and commune that geographical area. 

Starting up a business is not that easy but with the right information one is sure to attain success and of such business is the business of supermarket stores. A startup can be a mini scale, or large scale depending on capital but whichever scale profit is guaranteed. In this article, we won’t just discuss how lucrative it is to start up a supermarket business but will also discuss the steps required to start up and attain success.

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Steps to startup a successful supermarket


            The importance of a business plan can never be overemphasized as it exposes the entire possible lope hole, how to avoid them also including feasibility reports. I have right from the beginning made our loyal readers understand its importance for no matter the business you want to invest into, so far its call a business you emphatically need a business plan to effectively start-up and management if success is required. A good business plan contributes to the 70% of success of a business so a business plan can either say success or the opposite. So take the first step that determines the success or ………… ……. ……..

Take your time now to write a comprehensive business plan/feasibility report on supermarket business covering all areas necessary, the business plan should be self-explanatory, realistic, and achievable.

Perhaps you don’t know how to go about it well you can also get a detailed business plan and feasibility report of the supermarket business in Nigeria prepared to buy our team of experts and researchers. This business plan is prepared based on current research, consultation, and market surveys. This eBook will be made available to you in an eBook format (pdf) which can be sent to you via email. The eBook discusses the necessary information as:-

  • How to start (first thing first)
  • Capital requirement (for mini scale and large scale).
  • How to choose the appropriate location (things to consider before settling for a particular place)
  • The hiring of employees( how to employee workers)
  • Sourcing for goods (how to get what you will sell) suggested suppliers included.
  • How to market your business
  • List of commodities and products to sell (all of them)
  • Shelves ( how to arrange and organize shelves)
  • Required machines ( installation of machines for cashiers)
  • How to educate your employees for effective work
  • Feasibility report
  • Conclusion and licensing. 
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All this and many more are address in the eBook with other information needed to help you start and attain success is contained therein.

            Remember your not the only one reading this so not the only one interested in starting up this business so act now and save yourself the stress of regrets in the future when you see how successful those that read this article with you have become. To get experts compiled eBook containing all the information required to get you started ORDER NOW contact us

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