STC Ghana Online Booking of Tickets, Prices, Contact Number, Routes, and Offices

STC Ghana online booking of tickets, prices, contact numbers, routes, offices, and many other important details about the transportation company are what you will find in this article. Are you searching for how to book a ticket online with Intercity STC? This article contains everything you need to book a ticket for your trip.

Before we delve into how you can book an STC Ghana ticket online, below is a brief description of the government-owned Ghanian transportation.

About STC Ghana

Intercity State Transportation Corporation which is popularly referred to as STC Ghana or Intercity STC is a jointly owned transportation company in Ghana. It is partly owned by private individuals and the Ghanian government.

STC Ghana Online Booking of Tickets, Prices, Contact Number, Routes, and Offices

Since its establishment in the 1990s, STC Ghana has evolved to transport passengers across Ghana. The bus company which was rebranded into Intercity STC in 2003 focuses on delivering excellent transport services at affordable rates. In addition, STC Ghana coaches are secure and safe to travel with as they are insured and supported by the government.

Like many bus companies in Kenya, STC Ghana coaches are comfortable for both long and short distances. This is not far-fetched from many amenities like comfortable seats, charging ports, free WIFI, entertainment facilities, and others that can be found in it. With the world-class facilities, STC Ghana buses to transport passengers across 25 destinations.

STC Ghana Routes/ Destinations

Some of the routes plied by STC Ghana buses include;

  • Accra To Abidjan
  • Accra To Bolgatanga
  • Accra To Cape Coast
  • Accra To Cotonou
  • Accra To Kumasi
  • Accra To Nandom
  • Accra To Paga
  • Accra To Tamale
  • Accra To Takoradi
  • Accra To Tarkwa
  • Accra To Wa
  • Abidjan To Lome
  • Abidjan To Zabre
  • Abidjan To Kumasi
  • Bolga To Kumasi
  • Cape Coast To Bolga
  • Cape Coast To Tamale
  • Kumasi To Aflao
  • Kumasi To Nandom
  • Kumasi To Tamale
  • Tarakodi To Bolga
  • Tarakodi To Tamale
  • Tudu To AflaoTudu or Kpndo
  • Tema To Bolga
  • Tema To Cape Coast
  • Tema To Kumasi
  • Tudu To Nkwata
  • Tema To Paga
  • Tema To Tamale
  • Tema To Tarakodi. Check out ABC transport price list 2022, Terminals, Locations, Contacts, Online Bookings and Tickets

Other Services

Apart from intercity transportation across 25 destinations in Ghana, STC Ghana transport company also renders the following services.

  • Bus Services and hiring
  • Package / Parcel Express
  • Valuation Services
  • Engineering Consultancy Services
  • Driver Training School
  • Park and Ride Facility
  • Students Transport Services

STC Ghana Online Booking: How to Book STC Ghana Ticket Online

STC Ghana online booking of tickets, contact number, prices and others

Like APM Bus , STC Ghana has an online booking system that allows you to book tickets at the comfort of your home. Although, STC Ghana online booking is only available to some parts of Ghana. In case, you are unable to book STC tickets online for your destination, you may need to visit any of their stations or terminals.

Do you want to learn how to perform STC Ghana online booking and save yourself the stress of visiting terminals? Follow the instructions stated below to book STC tickets.

  • Visit the STC Ghana website to start your booking
  • Locate the Booking box and fill in your traveling details such as your departure location (Traveling From), destination (Traveling To), and the travel date.
  • Proceed by clicking on the Search button to check for the available buses
  • Pick out of the numerous buses displayed on the page against your traveling date.
  • Make payment to complete your STC online booking of tickets.
  • Note: Once you have successfully booked your ticket, a ticket receipt will be sent to your number and email for confirmation.

STC Ghana Prices and Fares

Now that we have shown you how to perform STC Ghana online booking, it is important to know the prices and fares. Thus, we have taken our time to gather the current STC Ghana prices and fares.

  • Accra to Bolga is GH₵125
  • Accra to Kumasi is GH₵40 to GH₵45
  • Accra to Nandom is GH₵120
  • Accra to Navrongo is GH₵130
  • Accra to Paga is GH₵130
  • Accra to Tamale is GH₵110
  • Accra to Wa is GH₵105
  • Aflao to Accra is GH₵32
  • Aflao to Elubo is GH₵190
  • Berekum to Kumasi is GH₵20
  • Berekum to Accra is GH₵57
  • Bunso to Kumasi is GH₵45
  • Bunso to Accra is GH₵50
  • Bunso to Tamale is GH₵110
  • Bunso to Bolga is GH₵125
  • Bunso to Navrongo is GH₵130
  • Bunso to Paga is GH₵130
  • Bunso to Wa is GH₵105
  • Bunso to Doma is GH₵60
  • Ho to Accra is GH₵29
  • Cape Coast to Abidjan is GH₵200
  • Cape Coast to Accra is GH₵33
  • Cape Coast to Tema is GH₵38
  • Cape Coast to Takoradi is GH₵20
  • Cape Coast to Kumasi is GH₵44
  • Sunayani to Kumasi is GH₵18

Note: The STC Ghana prices or fares may differ from what is written above as it is just an estimate. We advise you to confirm the price from customer care before proceeding with your journey.

List of Intercity STC Ghana Stations and Contacts

  1. Head Office, Accra
    Physical Address: No. 1 Ajuma Crecent opposite Awudome Cemetery P.O.BOX 7384 Ring Road West Industrial Area, Accra
    Contact: 0557943605, 0557943606, 0573100375, 0573100398
    E-mail Address: [email protected]
  2. Kumasi Station
    Physical Address: Adum Terminal, central Business District of Kumasi
    Contact: 0557943607, 0573100383, 0573100390
  3. Tudu Station
    Physical Address: Centre of Accra Central Business District, Opposite The Kimbu Senior High School
    Contact: 0573100340
  4. Achimota Station
    Physical Address: New Achimota Lorry Park
    Contact: 0245376833, 05771443799

Final Thoughts About STC Ghana Online Booking and others

Performing STC Ghana online booking of tickets should not be difficult with the above guide. We hope you find this article helpful. Want to travel out of Ghana, see the list of Countries Ghanaians Can Travel to Without Visa