The 10 Strangest Cars In The World: NO 8 Will Shock You

Would you like to see the strangest cars in the world? The 10 weirdest car designs listed here are extravagant, strange, ugly, funny etc. there is everything in this list of cars whose designs attract attention for their particular style.

Do you like weird or wacky cars? We want to introduce you to the 10 rarest cars in the world that go beyond the concept of an ordinary car.

It is impressive ‘the ability’ or ‘quality’ of automotive companies to imagine, create and display really weird looking vehicles. What are they inspired by? Pretend to be ultra innovative? At first glance, simply by looking at its design, we can say that such a car is ugly or pretty. But some of the cars that we are going to show below are already ‘out of line’. Let’s see the most peculiar car designs in the world.

1. Tata Magic Iris

Tata Magic Iris - one of the strangest cars in the world

This car couldn’t be more Indian. In a country where many of the biggest bizarre events occur – disputing the post with Russia – the Tata Magic Iris is a synthesis. Designed to meet a utility proposal, it can come both in the minivan version for passengers, as in the configuration to carry cargo, as well as in the body of a pickup truck.

In production since 2010, it comes with a single-cylinder diesel engine, 600 cc, mounted on the rear axle, which produces 11 hp and just over 3 kgfm. With this, it is able to reach “incredible” 55 km / h, from its four-speed manual transmission, with reduced gear ratios, to privilege (little) torque. In addition, at 2.96 meters, it is quite compact, measuring just 20 cm more than a Smart.

2. Peel P-50

Peel p50

If there were any legal cars on the streets ideal for children up to 10 years old, this would definitely be the Peel P50. But it is still easier to see people of that age running around than to find someone who sees beauty in the smallest production car ever created.

Peel p50 is one of the strangest cars in the world and was sold between 1962 and 1965, returning to the factory in 2010, it now has a four-stroke gasoline engine and an electric one.

It is still a meter high, 99 cm wide, 1.34 m long and weighs only 56 kg. The 1960s model had a DKW two-stroke engine of just 50 cc and 4 hp, capable of taking it up to 61 km / h, with its three-speed manual transmission. Meanwhile, the current model has the power of around 3 hp, both in the combustion engine and in the electric one.

3. 1973 Reliant Robin

Reliant Robin car

Another bizarre British three-wheeler. Considering its only front wheel, would it be a car or a tricycle? The idea was precisely for Robin to enter the motorcycle category in order to pay less taxes. With low cost, it was sold on a large scale in the first generation, between 1973 and 1981, having returned to the production lines in the 2nd generation in 1989 to leave it again in 2002, already in the 3rd generation.

There were Robins for all tastes. In the hatch body, sedan and van, with 748 cc and 848 cc engines, both with four cylinders. Despite being bizarre, it was never so well known around the world, until the Top Gear program used it to flop and uncap each turn, to show its tremendous instability.

4. 1958 Ford X200

1958 Ford X200 - strangest cars in the world

The American 1950s were somewhat exaggerated. Cars of almost 6 meters, with huge weak and drunk V8 engines, a lot of chrome, a lot of “fish tail” and etc. Ford’s concept was no different, but unlike most, which was supposed to be grandiose, became loudly sordidly tall.

If Steven Spielberg had done Back to the Future in the 1950s, he would have thought that Ford’s design was a good idea. The speedboat-shaped body has air intakes in several corners, the front has a wedge shape for the grille, taillights in the shape of two large cannons, built-in wheels, among other details.

5. Superbus


It is an electronically powered vehicle capable of speeds over 250 km / h and one of the strangest cars in the world. Its management is assisted with a navigation system and it also works with autopilot. It is equipped with 23 comfortable seats with seat belts, TV, internet, air conditioning, heating, among other things.

6. Peugeot BB1

Peugeot BB1

Measuring just 2.5 meters, this one is small and certainly we have to classify it as one of the strangest cars in the world. In addition to its size, with doors that open backwards, handlebars instead of a steering wheel and a way to settle in the interior that is very close to scooters.

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Weighing only 600 kg, it reaches a top speed of 90 km / h. Although unique, it is very strange to look at.

7. Ferrari 512 S Modulo Pininfarina

Ferrari 512 S Modulo Pininfarina

Ferrari is all works of art. Arouse passion with sensory design and engineering. However, in the 70s, it produced something that was really capable of taking your breath away.

The only unit produced was shown at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, taking the Ferrari 512S as a base, but after a considerable reduction in weight, it only gained 900 kg. To enter the cabin, the doors slide forward, fitted in rails on the hood. Nevertheless, it is not so compact, measuring 4.48 m long, 2.04 m wide, 93 cm high and 2.40 m between wheelbases. The engine is a 5.0 V12 that generates 550 hp, coupled to a five-speed manual transmission.

8. 1939 Pontiac deluxe

Pontiac deluxe

Popularly called Transparent cars, this one is a classic design and another model produced alongside it is a sports car (Lexus LFA) but they are similar in having a transparent body … Although one takes the concept of transparency to another level.

9. Aston Martin Lagonda

Lagonda - strangest cars in the world

Few units of this luxury Aston Martin sedan have been produced, it is one of the strangest cars in the world though to think of the century we are now this isn’t bad. Despite the 645 cars produced, they were sold for a long time, between 1974 and 1990.

Just by looking at it you can already imagine a strong cigarette odour and a mobster from the 70s and 80s behind the wheel. Besides, the steering wheel, the equipment, the dashboard and the finishes – designed to convey luxury and an image of the “machine of the future” – are just a big cliché. But this was relatively common on some models in its class, such as the Cadillac Allanté, Citroën Visa, Subaru XT and others.

10. BMW Lovos Concept

BMW Lovos Concept - strangest cars in the world

Finally on our list of the strangest cars in the world is the BMW Lovos Concept, according to designer Anne Forscheer, the car is made with 280 identical and interchangeable parts. The “scales” work as air brakes and also serves to charge the battery with the sun.

It is quite a strange design, which has the objective of setting compliance aside, is called “Lovos”, because these are currently the Acronym for “Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity”, a movement that invites you to consume the basics and live simply.

Hope we’ve satisfied your curiosity. If you remember a few more, don’t forget to put them in the comments box below.