15-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide In Jigawa


Teenage Girl Commits Suicide In Jigawa:

Life in itself is full of uncertainty, today may be rough on you and the next moment you enjoy a good turn around.

We all sleep and wake up every day, face the challenge and success the day has for us individually, with the hope that the next day will be better than the present.

However, while some are full of hope for the next moment, a 15-year-old girl identified as Ummi Garba lost hers as she decided to take her own life.

This online news platform gathered that the teenager who hails from a community in Gwaram Local Government Area of Jigawa State took in rat poison and ended her own life for reasons known to her only.

The horrible the incident was confirmed in a statement by Jigawa State Police spokesman SP Abdu Jinjiri, who noted that the girl who resides at Kofar Gabas quarters committed suicide in early April.

Jinjiri explained that Ummi had told people around her that she is tired of living and hence then took her life.

He said, “Investigation showed that the deceased said she was no more interested in living in the world. The case is under investigation.”

One could only imagine what a 15-year-old have experienced in her younger age to have taken such a horrible decision.

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