The Best Streaming Platform: Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

What is the best streaming platform? Netflix faces a strong competitor in the world: Amazon Prime Video. The streaming platform from Amazon is included in the signature of Amazon Prime and costs less than half of the subscription of Netflix. What about its worth? In this comparison, we put the two services on the scale to help you choose one of the two – if not both.


Let’s get straight to the point: if price is the deciding factor, Amazon Prime Video certainly takes the lead:

  • Netflix on 1 screen and standard resolution: $8.99;
  • Netflix on 2 screens and Full-HD resolution (1080p): $13.99;
  • Netflix on 4 screens and Ultra HD resolution (4K): $17.99;
  • Prime Video on 3 screens and Ultra HD resolution (4K): $8.99 (varies due to country)

Amazon Prime Bonus

Prime Video is one of the items included in the Amazon Prime subscription, paying the same amount, the user is still entitled to:

  • Free shipping purchases on products with Prime seal;
  • Prime Music: a collection of more than 2 million songs for streaming, but inferior to the Amazon Music Unlimited catalog;
  • Prime Reading: a library of eBooks and magazines included in the subscription;
  • Twitch Prime: a premium Twitch experience, which gives you access to a free monthly subscription on the live streaming platform and access to loots – items, discounts and even subscriptions for other games.

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Applications and features

On computers, smartphones and tablets, both services have a good presence. Both Netflix and Prime Video work on major browsers without requiring any plug-ins and have applications for Android and iOS.

On mobile devices, the good news is that they both allow you to download videos so you can watch them even without an internet connection. Prime Video takes advantage of allowing the user to choose where to store the downloads (memory card or internal storage); Netflix, in turn, always downloads content to the smartphone’s internal memory, which doesn’t always have a lot of space available.

In smart TVs, some already have the application pre-installed, there is compatibility with devices from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Xiaomi, JVC, TCL, Philips, AOC. On consoles, both streaming services are available for download from the respective app stores, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Chromecast, Fire TV Stick and Apple TV also have apps. If you have or intend to buy an Amazon Echo Show, know that Netflix has not yet premiered there.

Image quality

For those who have a 4K TV, Prime Video already offers the best resolution in the single plan, while Netflix requires getting a more expensive plan to display content in Ultra HD. But pay attention to the limitations.

Netflix on mobile phone

On Android, Prime Video is also able to deliver content in 4K, depending on the device’s screen, of course. While on iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch), video streaming remains at full HD (720p).

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With Netflix, streaming HD content is supported on several supported Androids. For iOS, streaming can be done up to Full-HD (1080p), depending on the screen limitation of each device.

With browsers on Windows or macOS there is special attention: not all of them support 4K or Full-HD (1080p) streaming on Netflix. On Amazon Prime, content is played only in HD.


It is difficult to compare the collection of streaming services for movies, series or music because they tend to close the same contracts – and end up making the same content available. If you are only thinking about newly released works, give up: none of them will suit you. Both only release content after the cinema release, pay-per-view, digital rental and physical media; they just don’t lose to open TV.

Three considerations that can be made here:

  1. Original content: Netflix has more exclusive original content than Prime Video, but those from Amazon’s service are not lacking and are as well received by critics as Netflix’s;
  2. Content from third-party studios is rotating: they come and go every month;
  3. Disney Content: Amazon has an agreement with Disney to include Disney content in the Prime Video catalog until September 2020. Even the latest releases like The Lion King and Avengers: Ultimatum are found there.


Ultimately, the dispute between streaming services is similar to that of game consoles: you end up choosing because of the exclusives. If you follow House of Cards and Narcos, you will hardly cancel your Netflix subscription. If you liked the trio of Top Gear presenters, you will certainly want to see them every week on The Grand Tour on Prime Video.

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Exclusive content aside, there is still an abyss between the Netflix and Amazon collections. Even with the recent monthly fee increases, many people don’t even think about canceling their subscriptions.

Although Prime Video premiered a little more limitedly than Netflix in some countries, the service has already gained a lot of strength, including with national productions and the (temporary) exclusivity of Disney films in the catalog.

Prime Video already offers content by itself, this potential is high when added to the rest of the Amazon Prime package: free shipping, gifts with Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime), digital books and music streaming for less than half of Netflix’s basic plan.

If you don’t want to stretch your pocket so much and at the same time want to enjoy quality content, Prime Video (and Amazon Prime) is a convenient choice. On the other hand, if the monthly fee does not make a difference, the Netflix catalog can deliver more quality.

So, if you have been looking for the best streaming platform I am sure you now know which is best due to your pocket and content types you feel you needed most.


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