10 Best Places To Buy Cheap Land In Lagos State

Where can I find cheap land in Lagos? This is the question of most Nigerians, in this article we have listed the best and cheap places to buy Land in Lagos State.

There is no doubt that Lagos State is a peaceful place to live and the commercial hub of Nigeria, so if you are planning on becoming a landowner in Lagos state and you plan to own land in areas like Ikorodu, Lekki, VGC, Ikoyi, Apapa, Ikotun, Orile, Ojo, Festac and other fast-developing areas in Lagos State then you are in the right place.

There is something I really love about this generation of Nigerians, “everyone is saving to buy a land,” with this kind of positive mindset I am sure you don’t want to be left out, better join the moving train and own yourself a property just like myself.

You might not take this seriously now as you might not even know how important it is to buy a piece of land in Lagos, but for the fact that you are reading this article, I believe you have taken the first bold step. It is never late if you buy land in Lagos now.

Could you believe that 10 years ago a plot of land is sold for ₦300,000 in Lekki, presently, getting a plot of land in Lekki can never be sold for less than ₦25 million, can you see how the rate multiplied itself within a time frame of 10 years?

Mind you, the price of a plot of land in Lekki will definitely increase more in the next 2 to 3 years. The smart investors that got themselves a piece of land in Lekki back then will definitely be getting a whopping profit in anything they do on the land, either it is for rent or for business purposes.

Now you need to know the hottest places where you should get land in Lagos as with our prediction, within a few years now the price of a plot of land in each of the places we will list here will skyrocket.

The land is an asset and it appreciates, I have never heard for once that land depreciate so this is the reason you should take this seriously.

Investing in Landed properties is the best investment you can think of, maybe you have worked and gotten some savings, why not buy lands with your money instead of keeping it in the bank where interest over years is not certain.

Buying yourself landed properties makes you richer, with this you can make more than 500% ROI within a short period of time. Have you ever heard of people purchasing land and leaving it for 6 months to appreciate before selling? At least within that 6 months, you will make nothing less than 40% profit from it, that is what lands in Lagos State offers you.

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Just take a short time off and visit the major motor parks in Lagos State and see for yourself how people are trooping in to make a living in Lagos, you don’t want to let the opportunity of owning a piece of land in Lagos pass you by.

With the economy of Lagos state which is the fastest growing economy in Nigeria, it is one of the most developed states in Nigeria and also it is the most populated state in Nigeria.

You definitely don’t want to use your old age to struggle, let your money make more money for you by buying land in Lagos state.

Mind you, it is also of a great advantage getting authentic ownership of land or lands in Lagos, this alone makes you financially stable without fear of losing your investment.

All my explanations from the beginning of this article are to open your eyes to the opportunities that you have been ignoring for a long time. I am sure you are moved already by this and you are making the decision to acquire your own land in Lagos.

The fact that Lagos State is one of the most developed and also most populous in Nigeria serves as a factor for the increase in the price of land in Lagos, every minute the land appreciate but don’t be discouraged because I didn’t create this post to discourage you but to encourage you, this is why I have taken my time with many research being made to list out the “10 Best Places To Buy Cheap Land In Lagos State.”

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Even with the factors making Lagos land expensive, you can still get a plot of land for less than ₦800,000 in Lagos. You can get yourself a plot of land or more in Lagos at a very good and cheap price in a good location.

See below the best location to buy land in Lagos at a very cheap and affordable price.

The Cheapest Places To Buy Land In Lagos State 2020

1. Ikorodu

The best and hottest place in Lagos to buy land currently is Ikorodu. The land in Ikorodu is very cheap, development is speeding up like a jet, more people moving in every day. I also got myself a plot and half plot in a different area in Ikorodu, you should do the same.

No doubt Ikorodu land is the cheapest in Lagos state and there is much attention from the Government for Ikorodu as the 4th mainland bridge will pass through it so it is wise to quickly grab a plot or more when it is still cheap.

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You can get yourself a plot of land with a rate between ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000 in areas like Ishawo, Ijede, Ogijo, Igbogbo, Imota, Imowonla, Igbolomu & Igberigbe. Cheap right?

2. Amukoko

The best place after Ikorodu to get cheap land in Lagos State is Amukoko, located in Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government Area. You can visit this area to confirm it yourself that there are still lands waiting for buyers and you can get them for as cheap as ₦750,000 to ₦1,300,000 at Ojo Road, Imam, Oja, Alaba, Tejumola and Turner.

3. Agbado

Another cool place to buy land in Lagos is Agbado, this area has countless construction projects ongoing; roads, estates, infrastructures like electricity and so many other developments. With a sum up to ₦900,000, you can acquire a plot of land. Agbado still has some areas that are not sold yet like Oluwo, Abule Ekun, Akera, Ishaga, Ijaiye, Adiyan Ibaragun, Abule Ekun Olambe and Oremerin.

4. Ijegun

Ijegun area is a very popular place in Lagos state, even with this there are still lands for grabs, you can get a cheap plot of land in Ijegun. Mind you there are land for sale in a swampy area like Isheri Osun which are also good if you have the resources to maintain and grade. In places like Animosho, Fagbile, and so on you can also get good lands and a plot of land in Ijegun cost ₦600,000, but they are very close to swamps and also white sands so you might have to sand fill but trust me, they are good lands.

5. Akute

It is very easy to get a plot of land in Akute, with areas like Ijoko, Ojodu Berger, Ojokoro, Ibafo and Ijoko you can easily become a landowner. They sell at a very reasonable price and due to this, massive development is ongoing in every part of Akute.

6. Agbowa

It is advisable you hurry up in case you are planning on getting land in Agbowo area of Lagos state. Investors are massively trooping into Agbowa and most of the areas are almost sold out, growing at a very fast pace. You can buy land in Agbowa in areas like Abosioto, Abule, Aba-Onigbagbo, Ijesha and Aba-Oriyanrin.

7. Apapa

Are you surprised to see Apapa on the list of places to buy cheap land In Lagos? Do not be surprised as there are still many free lands in Apapa, for as low as ₦3 million due to the value of the area you can get a plot of land in Apapa. Buy cheap land in areas like Kirikiri, Ajegunle, Wema, Tincan and Coconut.


8. Eti-Osa

We all know Eti-Osa is a fast developing area and to be frank, I am also saving to get a plot here. If we are talking about cheap lands in Lagos state then Eti-Osa should definitely be mentioned. The land is very fertile and also you can have up to 5 to 6 storey on it. In Eti-Osa you can get land as cheap as ₦1.5 million and they can be gotten in areas like Badore, Sangotedo Town, Unity, Obalende and Cooperative Villa.

9. Badagry

Badagry is a historical place, filled with enjoyment and resort of all kinds. The weather condition of Badagary is top-notch and development there is going at a speedy pace. I have to advise you to be very careful when buying lands in Badagry so you don’t fall victim and get duped. You can get a plot of land in Badagry for as cheap as ₦1 million and above, most of the lands there are government-owned property so make your findings well before purchasing a land there.

10. Ojo Alaba

And finally on the list of the best places to buy cheap land In Lagos is Ojo Alaba. Alaba is a very popular place in Lagos state known for commercial activities, even the rent charged by landlords here is crazily cheap that I still wonder why houses are so cheap in this area. You can get land in Ojo Alaba in places like Alaba, Ojo, Ira and Ajangbadi Ikemba for a very cheap price.

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Precautions to take when buying land in Lagos

Lagos State is a gold mine as it is the commercial hub of Nigeria, we also have a very high population in Lagos so anything is expected as we have different people with different agenda. My advise for you reading this post is that whenever your money is ready and you want to buy a land in Lagos either from the ones listed here or other please make sure you seek the service of legal practitioners and have everything legally documented. It doesn’t cost much.

The high level of fraud in Lagos state calls for you to be smart about your dealings, with the help of a lawyer, the seller have to sign, his relative and also you have to sign. An agrrement on a successful transaction will be noted in this and the Lawyer will stamp it that you are now the sole owner of the acquired property.

Hope we have been of help in assisting you to secure a land in Lagos State, if you love this article on Places To Buy Cheap Land In Lagos State kindly help share via the social media buttons displayed below.


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