The Cost of CAC Registration Fees in Nigeria, 2021

In this article, you will learn about the cost of CAC registration fees in Nigeria including the requirements and process to take in registering your business.

Since 1990, the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) has been the federal government agency saddled with the responsibility of managing and regulating business activities as well as registrations of businesses. Whether Public or Private organizations, all businesses are expected to be registered under the agency.

Now, let’s focus on the CAC registration fees. The cost of CAC registration fees for companies may differ from each other depending on the type of company it’s. Whether private, public, sole ownership or a partnership business. Below is a table illustrating all the full cost of CAC registration fees.

Full Cost of CAC Registration Fees

The official application fee is N10,000 but there are other fees as laid out below

Type of CAC feesFees in Naira(N)
Reservation of Business Name500
Incorporation of trustees30,000
Notice of change of name application10,000
Notice of change in trustees Application10,000
Filing of amendment of the constitution notice6,000
Annual returns filling5000
Filing of notice of court order for dissolution of incorporated trustees5000
Filing of Miscellaneous and other documents1000
Search on incorporated trustees file
Certifed true copy of constitution

Certified true copies of other documents2000
Certified true copy of certificate of incorporation10000
Registration of business name

Filing of notice of change of business name5,000
Filing of notice of change in business address/proprietorship/annual address

Search on business name file1000
Certified true copy of business name certificate registration5000
Registration of private company with Share Capital above N1million to N500millionN5,000 for every N1million share capital
Registration of private company with share capital above N500millionN7,500 for every N1million share capital
Registration of Public company/Increase in share capitalN20,000 for the first N1million share capital
Registration of Public Company/Increase in share capital above N1million to N500millionN10,000 for every N1million share capital
Registration of Public Company/increase in share capital above N500millionN15,000 for every N1million share capital
Registration of Company without a share capitalN20,000
Filing of notice of exemption of foreign Companies from RegistrationN30,000
Filing of annual return for public company5,000
Filing of annual return for company Limited by Guarantee5000
Filing of annual return for Private company small companyN3,000
Filing of notice of merger/acquisition50,000
Filing of other documents relating to merger10,000
Filing of notice of change of signature2,000
Filing of deed of release by public company10,000
Fiiling of deed of release by private company5000
Letter of Good Standing10,000
Other filings (miscellaneous)2,000
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How To Register A Business Under CAC

Knowing the cost of CAC registration fees isn’t enough, you also need to know the steps to take in registering such businesses.

Before thinking of registering your business under the CAC, you should think of gathering the following

CAC Business Registration Requirements

  • Name of business to be used
  • Name of a sole owner or your partners
  • Deed of partners(if a partnership business)
  • Passports
  • Identification certificate
  • An official fee of N10,000
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After gathering all these, you can then proceed to apply for your business registration.

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Steps to Register My Business Under CAC

  • Visit the CAC website Portal by clicking HERE
  • Verify the intended name for the business. This cost for N500 only, you can refer to the cost of CAC registration fees for more info.
  • After verifying that no one has used the name, proceed to registration.
  • Fill the Pre-registration form with your correct details including the name of your business partner if any.
  • Pay the application fee online after filling the form
  • Print out your business name after filling and payment.
  • Append your signature on the print out the form, where necessary.
  • Proceed to upload the following after signing the form;
  1. 2 passports
  2. Approved Note printed out
  3. statutory form filled
  4. Proficiency Certificate (if available)
  5. Identification document
  6. Receipts of applicant payment
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With all these submitted, your application will be successful if implemented well. Registration of your business can take as long as 24hours or more depending on many factors.

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Once your application is successful, you will be given or send an original Certificate bearing your registered business name and a CTC certificate verifying the success of your registration.


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