They Are After Me Because of 2023 – Oshiomhole

Those behind the conspiracy to remove me from office are those who are looking for the presidential seat in 2023, said the president of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole.

He spoke to reporters at the State House in Abuja, after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari.

On Wednesday, a judge at the Federal Capital Territory Supreme Court granted an interlocutory injunction preventing him from serving as APC’s national chairman.

Security officers immediately took over the party’s national secretariat in Abuja.

The chairman also met Thursday with Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi at the Villa.

Fayemi did not inform reporters after his visit to Villa, but he is believed to have visited the president’s lobby about why Oshiomhole should be forced out of office.

Fayemi is one of the arrowheads in the attempt to expel Oshiomhole from office.

Oshiomhole said, in addition to “black legs”, “there are other forces that see me for whatever reason as a threat to them.” He accused those who “lead this anti-Oshiomhole campaign” of being weak politicians who cannot boast of winning a seat on the council, let alone “claim the leadership position in our party”.

He added: “I am proud to say that I did my best not only when I was governor, I did my best as chairman of this party, I worked not only with party members and with the support of the good people of Nigeria so that the president be re-elected, to have a majority in the two chambers of the National Assembly, I also worked hard to hand over my unit, my wing, I worked hard to hand over my local government, I worked hard to hand over my federal constituency three of them to my senatorial zone, I also worked hard to hand over my senatorial district.

“Those who fight with me just feel that if they cannot give me orders, they must do everything to shame me, but I believe that the one who God remains without a man born of a woman can not bring him down.

“I can’t say more than that. Those who are parading, holding meetings at night, my prayer to my God is that they find them at night, what they do at night will be destroyed during the day. I don’t go on night business, I do daytime businesses, they know each other, they know me and I know them.

“It is unfortunate that if you have 100, 90 people are happy with you, who call and say you are successful, those 10 who are not happy are the ones who will call the press conference to report you, they are the only ones who will hold midnight meetings at a minister’s house to tell us how we brought him down.

“They are the ones who plan how to get rid of him, because they want to be president in 2023, even when their dominance over their state at the moment is doubtful. If they went to the referendum in terms of their approval rating.

“But as for me, I live my life as Christians say I live as if there is no tomorrow, day after day. But God will see me through, he knows my heart, he knows my conscience and he knows the wishes of the general majority of our members and I am always grateful to them, ”he said.

He added: “You see that there is a problem in this country. People want strong leadership, Nigerians on average want to have a strong leader for Nigeria, they want to have strong leaders in various institutions, they want institutions strong enough that they cannot be controlled by individuals. That is why President Obama said: what Africa needs are strong institutions, not strong people.

“Unfortunately, very few parts of our elite want to weaken institutions so that they can control and, if you refuse to force them, the misuse of your institution, then they go to your jugular, that’s the only thing. Otherwise, I ask you, do you remember the confusion we had at the last NEC meeting?

“This meeting took place exactly a week or about 10 days after the victory in Kogi’s election, Bayelsa’s election before the court took it and donated it to someone else. However, in the face of this victory, people said that Oshiomhole should be removed, precisely because we won more seats.

“But you see whatever you do, those who want to fight you are going to fight you. But I know that my mandate will be defined by God and not by man. And I care more about what I will be remembered when I was chairman, and not how long I was chairman. And I am convinced that I did my best, the mistakes would have been made and I want to see the person who will say that he never made mistakes ”, he said.

“Our lawyers told me that when you sue a federal agency, the FCT Superior Court has no jurisdiction to entertain it. Number two, the supposed suspension of my person by my ward, I will first give you a document to that effect, so that you can form your opinion. Number three, I am not an officer in my ward, I am the national chairman of my party, elected at a national convention by more than 7,000 delegates, so how can nine people sit somewhere and claim to have removed a national president? And the court contrary to all logic, all judicial precedence finds solace in granting an interim interlocutory order to prevent me from functioning while the matter is determined. In other words, he gave the order without the facts being presented to him and, in the process, postponed the case to April 7.

“The calculations are clear that between now and April 7, my opponents in the system would have had enough time to make all the malicious plans they have to destabilize APC. Because some of them are members of more than one political party. But fortunately, this afternoon (yesterday), a federal court that I believe has jurisdiction in federal matters because the DSS, the police are not state institutions, but federal institutions, gave an appropriate order to contain the so-called suspension that was supposedly imposed on me for my ward in Edo state.

“I thought I had a duty to inform Mr. President as the general leader of our party about this development. In fact, when I asked the audience yesterday, I wasn’t sure what happened today. But I had a duty to inform you of the court order. But, fortunately, before coming here, the order of a Supreme Federal Court that did not make sense about what the FCT court intended to have done has already resolved the issue.

“And I showed the president my ward’s resolutions, even though a ward executive has no power to remove a national chairman, just to say that the document we have clearly says that my ward has passed a vote of confidence in me.

“Since the court can have a vote of confidence and hope to mean a vote of no confidence, only that judge can explain this to himself. But the goodnews is that this is not a final court or the only court; in fact, it is only the court that had no jurisdiction even to hear this matter. And our lawyers pointed this out, but the judge was determined to compel anyone who wants to destabilize the All Progressives Congress, ”he said.

Oshiomhole added: “Those behind this plot, the hands you saw, including what you saw yesterday, the governor of Edo State and his people rejoicing, but that is the irony of life that you will help to give birth to a child and the child will look for a cleaver to cut his neck. It happened in history, it happened in this country, so I won’t be the only person.


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