Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2020

highest paying jobs

As always, has come again, after providing Top 5 Retail Trends Nigeria Should Watch Out for in 2020 , we are here again with the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Before going deep into the main topic of discussion, be informed that most of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria often require creative skills and or formal education.

So if you have these qualities in, chances are that could be fortunate enough to peradventure find yourself in the list of these highest paid professional here in Nigeria.

  1. Entertainment {Musician}

There is no point disputing the fact that the highest paying job in Nigeria is music. Even in most parts of the world, the entertainment industry isn’t just a sector meant for entertaining people but rather an industry of making enough money.

  1. Aviation

On of the jobs, most Nigerian held in high regard is flying an aircraft. While this job may walk with risk, it still maintains its position as one of the lucrative and most precious jobs any Nigerian man will want to do. In case you don’t know, a pilot can take home a paycheck of about #700k to #1.5M at the end of the month as salary, depending on the level of experience and expertise.

  1. Sailing

Just as it is in aviation, sailors earn an agape sum of money as monthly salary – depending on the level of experience and expertise – in  Nigeria and in any other places around the world. There are few universities offering sailing as a course as there sailors in Nigeria and this makes the job less competitive.

  1. Petroleum Engineering

I wouldn’t say engineering in general. Petroleum engineering is another highest paying jobs in Nigeria that you need to pay attention to if you’ll be making your career choice soon. Petroleum engineers are of different classes and one niche-earn better than others. But without prejudice to any class, their salary isn’t bad at all.

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  1. Chemical Engineering

Just like Petroleum engineers, Chemical engineering also falls into the list of the highest paying profession in Nigeria. As we have it in petroleum engineers, chemical engineers are usually employed by multinational companies, too and they are often rewarded with robust monthly salaries.

  1. Medicine

Undoubtedly one of the respectable and highest-paying professions in Nigeria. Medical practitioner earns an enormous amount of money depending on their position, qualifications, and level of experience.

  1. Law

Law is one of that profession that average Nigerian students always crave to get involve with. There are some notable SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) that receive nothing less than N2,000,000,000 as a single appearance fee. Brilliant Nigerian lawyers earn enormously. Albeit a fresh lawyer graduate may find it difficult in the profession at first but has he grow in professionalism, he’ll start to earn in millions, too.

  1. Pharmacy

Another high paying job in Nigeria is the pharmacy. As a qualified Nigerian pharmacist, you stand the chance to earn a substantial salary scheme that can compete with what an average medical doctor earns.

  1. Nursing

In Nigeria’s medical profession, after doctors and pharmacists, nurses are the third-highest paying personnel. Hence, it is imminent that nursing should make this list.

  1. Acting

Although some Nigerian actors have dropped the profession for business nevertheless, it is one of the fastest ways to knock a jackpot. After Hollywood and Bollywood, the Nigeria Nollywood is arguably the third largest movie industry in the world.

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