Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe Currently

Are you planning to travel to Europe with a lot running through your mind? In today’s post, we will list the most beautiful cities in Europe to visit during your vacation or stay in Europe.

If you are wondering about which the most beautiful cities in Europe are probably for the love of traveling or you find yourself in Europe, here is our list, the 10 most beautiful places in Europe:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

#1. Rome

There is no place in the world to experience the true meaning of La Dolce Vita (sweet life) like Rome. And better if you enjoy sweet life accompanied by a good Italian ice cream then you got it balanced. The Italian capital will make you travel back in time: the Colosseum, the Roman Forums or the Pantheon are glimpses of an incredible civilization that dominated the world.

And then there is the Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, Trastevere, the infinite staircase of the Spanish Steps and a thousand other corners, each one more suggestive than the last. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and in the world! So don’t forget to include it in your traveling wishlist.

#2. Venice

This city brings together a city built on water, buildings so beautiful they could be a painting from ‘700, a baroque basilica that seems inflated like glass and a few boatmen that navigate hundreds of canals. What we have? Neither more nor less than one of the most unique and special cities in the world: Venice.

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#3. Paris

Paris, the city of amour, lights and pancakes. But be careful, if you do not have a partner, do not panic: the French capital gives off more love marketing than it really is. And if you travel with friends or even alone, you will still have a great time, because in Paris it is almost impossible to get bored.

#4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is no doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! With its canals and its sloping houses, with all the shades of brown, white and black, a city filled with simple and natural beauty. Whatever Amsterdam is, we think it’s a real gem, so we can’t leave it out of this list.

In what other city can you see works by Van Gogh, pedal for miles on the banks of canals, mix with tulips of all possible and imaginable colors and finish with mushrooms that will make you see all possible and imaginable colors? If there is another like her, Let us know!

#5. Budapest

Budapest is a double city, in every way (and it is literally made up of two parts, Buda and Pest). An elegant and refined city that will make you forget about home.

One of the best experiences to live here is to take a warm thermal bath, while it is bitterly cold outside. This is after having walked (or sailed) along the Danube and having tasted its powerful and homemade cuisine, which will conquer the palate of the most gluttonous.

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#6. Prague

Do you know those crystal balls that contain miniature monuments or cities and that when you move them, it seems that light snow covers them? Prague is exactly that: a city so perfect that it seems to be inside one of those little balls, almost unreal.

The capital of the Czech Republic is one of the best destinations in Europe: cheap, with a few unique attractions (such as the castle, the Jewish quarter or its famous astronomical clock).

#7. London

Stroll among the colorful houses of Notting Hill, get lost in the food markets, see the change of watch or spend hours in one of the best museums in the world without having to pay a single penny. Don’t tell us that London is not cool! ! The capital of England is one of the most active, eclectic and interesting centers in all of Europe.

Perhaps at first glance you will not be conquered by its beauty, but if you know how to order all the pieces of its immense puzzle, you will see that it has a charm and poise that is difficult to find.

#8. Barcelona

It is no secret that there is so much love for the Catalan capital by tourists. Staying here makes you feel at home with its cosmopolitan air.

Barcelona conquers everyone who visits it, it has thousands of things you can do so as not to get bored it also has the sea! Something that very few cities of the same size and character can boast about. Is it also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for you? Let us know via the comment box.

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#9. Florence

Another Italian destination, we can’t help it but to list it. Florence is a small city but with so much charm that it would be unfair to leave it out. Here the Renaissance was born and great geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci paced its streets. In Florence you will feel like in an open-air museum.

You can climb the Brunelleschi dome (undoubtedly the most incredible in the world), eat at the Mercato Centrale, marvel at the works of art in the Uffizi and the Galleries of the Academy and end the day with a Moretti beer in Piazzale Michelangelo.

#10. Lisbon

Lastly on the list on most beautiful European cities is Lisbon, those viewpoints, those neighborhoods full of personality and those clothes hanging, Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and although it does not enjoy as much tourist publicity as London or Paris, it has nothing to envy. What’s more, enjoy better weather, better food, and better character.

It only has one drawback: it enchants you and when you leave you will experience the curse of Lisbon. Still, that sweet curse is so worth it.


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