List of Traditional Marriage Requirements in Calabar/Efik

Traditional Attires of Efik Couples. Image Source: Pinterest

The list of the traditional marriage requirements in Calabar/Efik is quite different from other tribe marriage list. Efik traditional marriage ceremony is done by joining couples together according to the Efik customs, culture, and traditions.

The Efik are known for speaking Efik Language and quite popular for their delicious Edikang Ikong Soup. They are found in the southern part of the cross river in Nigeria.

Below is a guide on how to obtain the list of the traditional requirements in the Calabar/Efik tribe including their traditional marriage processes.

Traditional Marriage Processes in Calabar/Efik tribe

Declaration of Intention

When a man sees a lady who he is ready to start a home with especially from the Efik tribe. The first step for him is to inform his parents who will send signals to the appropriate headquarters.

The groom’s family sends a letter with bottles of drinks known as Mimm Ukop Iko to the bride’s family. This is to make their son’s intention known. The bride’s family then decided and send their reply with permission for them to visit on a chosen date.

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Introduction(Udiong Ufok)

Once the groom’s family has been permitted to visit, they will visit with drinks to make their intention known. All the bride’s families member will be present to welcome their in-laws.

After the introduction, the groom is presented with the list of the traditional marriage requirements in Calabar/Efik. The following are the expected things on the list.

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Traditional Marriage Requirements List in Calabar/Efik

  • Knocking drinks: This is demanded after the groom and his family entered the bride’s house. It includes A Brigadier Brandy, a bottle of the star, and 2 minerals.
  • Prayer drinks for blessing the couples. It includes an IMG dry Gin, two malts, 2 bottles of Star, and 2 bottles of mineral.
  • Drinks for Intention Declaration; For the couples to declare his intention, he’s expected to present the following; A Brandy drink, 3 bottles of Star, 2 bottles of big Stout, 4 Gold malt, and 2 minerals.
  • Introduction Drinks which include; Malts, minerals, a big bottle of 1501, an MG dry Gin drink, 2 Champdor red wine, 6 bottles of Star, 4 bottles of Gulder, 6 bottles of Big stout, and also with N30,000 cash.
  • Appreciation drinks; Drinks like a St. Remy, an MG Dry Gin,6 Star drinks, 4  Gulder, and Stout, mineral/ malts, a Brigadier brand, 2 Champdor red wine with N10,000 cash
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The next is the fattening procedure.

Fattening Procedure

This is a procedure that must be undergone by the bride. Failure to meet or acquire the necessary knowledge may lead to rejection from the groom’s family.

A bride after receiving a proposal from her groom undergoes this process where she is taken care of, pampered to the extent of getting a robust, smooth, and healthy waist and shape. She is taught bed techniques and sex styles, food preparation, parenting, cultural heritage, and other important topics that are necessary for the success of her new home. This is mostly done by elderly women and aunties from the neighborhood and not necessarily the bride’s mother.

The duration of this process depends on the bride’s assimilation rate. Once the bride understands and has become an expert to some degree, A graduation ceremony is conducted where the two families including well-wishers gather to celebrates. Efik traditional dances and songs are also used in entertaining everyone present.

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Efik Traditional Ceremony(Ndo)

After the bride has successfully completed the fattening procedure, the next is the traditional ceremony. It’s done after 2 or 3 days after the bride’s fattening procedure.

Mostly, It is done with both families sitting in a large room while the well-wishers stay outside. Two mediators are assigned to coordinate the events; both male and female(mma ofion ndo and ette ofion ndo).

They also announced the gift brought by the groom and family to those outside. Some of these gifts may include different types of clothes, shoes, accessories, and different types of adornment used by females. After all the celebrations, the bride is taken to her husband’s house.

We hope you find our guide on the List of Traditional Marriage Requirements in Calabar/Efik useful.



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