List of Traditional Marriage Requirements in Kogi State


The list of the traditional marriage requirements in Kogi state can be gotten from the bride family and that’s after the completion of the traditional marriage rites.

Kogi State which is found in the northern part of Nigeria consists of Ebira, Igala, Igbira, and another minor tribe. These tribes’ traditional marriage is almost the same even though there are some little differences. Below we will be looking at the Ebira traditional marriage requirements in Kogi with the processes involved.

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Traditional Marriage Rite Process in Kogi State

1. Agreement

The traditional marriage in Kogi state starts with two lovers who have concluded that it is time to get married to each other. Or between a man who is interested in a lady who likes him back also. The next step is to visit the bride’s family and make his intention known. The groom according to Kogi culture is not expected to go by himself.

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2. Visitation by the Groom Family

Since the groom can’t go to his in-law’s house by himself, his parents and elder members of their family do this on his behalf. This is usually after carrying a series of background checks and tests by the groom’s family. Once the Lady’s background is good, they proceed to make their intention known.

The bride’s family will then ask the groom’s family to come back another day for them to also decide. Mostly, this is done in order to run a background check on the groom’s family also. Things checked include the history of epilepsy and other diseases, madness trait, cheating and infidelity history, and so on.

3. The second Visitation

On the next date given by the bride’s family, the groom’s family comes with some gifts to hear about the bride’s family decision. Once it’s favorable, the gift is presented and share with family members and neighbors. The process of presenting this gift is known as Ise Ewere in Kogi state.

Even though the gift isn’t just a gift as called. It’s referred to it as such to sound modest and not too be overbearing. It’s actually a list of things to be gifted to the bride’s family. Below is the list of gifts that must be presented to the bride’s family.

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List of Gifts as one of the Traditional Marriage Requirements in Kogi

  • 40 two tubers of yam
  • Assorted wines, Gins, and Soft drinks depending on the family
  • Kola nuts
  • Dried fish or bush meat
  • Palm oil
  • Groundnut oil
  • A bag of salt
  • New clothes in boxes
  • Jewelry and other adornment materials for the lady
  • Walking stick for the father
  • Cash for the extended family members and elders
  • Two wrappers for the wife to be even though this isn’t a must.

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4. The Introduction

If everything ended well, the real introduction date is then appointed. On that introduction date, the groom’s family brings a lot of food and drinks to be shared with the bride’s family and neighbors. This is to announce to everyone there that the Lady is their wife to be.

It’s also during the introduction date that the bride price will be paid by the groom’s family. The bride’s price isn’t fixed and this will depend on the bride’s family and the groom’s financial status. Apart from Bride Price, there are other prices to be paid including;

  • “I am attracted to her”price locally called OZEMEYI
  • “OTAIVOGEI” Price when the couples hand are joined together and finally…
  • Idoza popularly called farming price. This is paid instead of the groom working on his in-law’s farm as done in the olden days.
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After completing all these, processes then the traditional marriage day is the next goal.

5. Traditional Marriage Day

On the traditional marriage day which is the main thing, the man’s family comes with tubers of yam to be gifted to the bride’s family. Then the celebration began properly.

A religious leader depending on the couple’s faith will be invited to bless the union. After a lot of celebrations and fun, the bride will then be escorted to her husband’s house!

What other things do you think we should add to the list of traditional marriage requirements in Kogi? Comment how it is done in your own tribe in Kogi State, let’s learn together.


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