Full List of All Waterfalls In Nigeria and Their Locations

This page contains a complete list of all known waterfalls in Nigeria, as well as their locations. There are presently numerous waterfalls in the country that would make intriguing tourist attractions, and while some are well-known and among the most frequented, others that are less well-known make excellent fun locations for those who have already visited them. Please continue reading to learn more.

Waterfalls are water cascades that develop when a river or stream rushes over a cliff or a high incline. They can be natural or man-made, but the vast majority, if not all, of Nigeria’s waterfalls, are natural, and they are stunning to see. Without further ado, let us take a look at the numerous waterfalls that exist in the United States today and their locations.


The following is a comprehensive list of all current waterfalls in Nigeria, as well as their locations.


The Erin Ijesha waterfall, also known as the Olumirin waterfalls, is the most popular waterfall in Nigeria, and it is located in Osun State in the southwest. This waterfall cascades over rough rocks at a height of more than 20 meters, providing a stunning backdrop for skillfully shot photos and selfies provided you don’t mind getting drenched. Because the Erin Ijesha waterfall has seven levels and the terrain is slick and uneven, it is recommended that you wear appropriate footwear for your visit.


Gurara Waterfalls is another well-known Nigerian waterfall. It is a popular tourist attraction in Nigeria, situated in Niger State and near to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. Gurara Waterfalls remains a leisure center where people from all walks of life come to swim, picnic, bird watching, and other activities. The GuraraWateralls were found in 1745 by a Gwari hunter named Buba, and they were utilized for worship until recently when they became a recreational center and a popular tourist attraction in Nigeria.


Owu Waterfalls, located in OwaKajola, Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, is another well-known waterfall in Nigeria. This waterfall is the tallest in West Africa, reaching a height of 120 meters above the water level and cascading 330 feet down an escarpment with rocky outcroppings to a pool of ice-cold water below.


Kaduna State is home to Matsirga Waterfalls. People who live near the waterfall and its surroundings like visiting it for the enjoyment of connecting with nature at its most beautiful. The Matsirga waterfall is fed by springs in the Kagoro Hills, and it cascades from four natural funnels down a sheer rock cliff for about 25 meters, eventually forming a huge pool at the bottom.

Waterfalls in Nigeria

It is exactly located near Madakiya, about 227 kilometers south of Kaduna, close to Kafanchan. Water flows 30 meters into a gorge at the Matsirga Waterfalls, which are supported by magnificent rocks. This location is a tourist’s paradise.


The Kwa Waterfalls are a beautiful natural fall in Cross River State’s Anegeje community, Akamkpa Local Government Area. The Great Kwa River extends to this waterfall. The Kwa Falls’ waters tumble over basement rocks on the Cross River National Park’s Oban side, plunging through a large vertical cleft in a cliff cutting-across the Great Kwa River channel, which runs beautifully through Cross River State, emptying the east side of Calabar’s magnificent metropolis. The Kwa Falls is a fantastic tourist site that attracts people all year round due to its stunning landscape.


The Arinta Waterfalls are a magnificent waterfall in Ekiti State, adjacent to the well-known Ikogosi Warm Spring. Natural forest foliage, an unbroken flow of water from the hills, and an overhead view of Ipole-Iloro are among its characteristics. It’s a fantastic spot for swimming, picnicking, and relaxing.


The Awhum Waterfall, located in Amaugwe Village, Awhum Town, Udi Local Government Area, Enugu State, is a famous tourist site in Nigeria. The Waterfall is made out of a huge outcropping of granite rock with a stream flowing from the top. During the seasons, a portion of the waterfall is generally warm. The 30-meter high Awhum waterfall is located near the Awhum Monastery.


The Agbokim Waterfalls are found in Cross River State’s Etung Local Government Area. It is made up of seven streams that form a magnificent cascade of pure water that cascades down the steep rock into the lush tropical jungle below. This waterfall is surrounded by high hills, valleys, and lush flora, and it has long been one of Cross River State’s most popular tourist destinations.


The FarinRuwa Waterfall cascades down from a height of nearly 150 meters, with a volume of water of around 50 cubic meters. It is a lovely tourist attraction in the state of Nasarawa. FarinRuwa Falls is one of Nigeria’s highest and most significant waterfalls, as well as one of Africa’s most significant.


The Assop Waterfall is around 65 kilometers from Jos, the Plateau State Capital. It’s a lovely relaxing area that’s popular for picnics and other pleasant activities. This waterfall is indeed one of nature’s wonders, and you should go see it the next time you’re in Jos.

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Other Nigerian waterfalls include the following:

  • Suleja, Niger State: Mayanka Waterfalls
  • Enugu State’s Ezeagu Waterfall.
  • Enugu State’s Ngwo Waterfall
  • Anambra State’s OgbaUkwu (OwerreEzukala) Waterfalls
  • Ebonyi’sOferekpe Waterfalls
  • Ekiti State’s IpoleIloro Waterfalls
  • Kogi State’s Osome Waterfalls
  • Ekiti State’s Effon Waterfalls
  • Plateau State’s Kurra Falls.
  • Enugu State’s Upper OgbaNgwu Waterfall.
  • Cross River State’s Obudu (Grotto) Waterfalls
  • Usoma Falls is located in Kogi State.
  • Gembu, Taraba State, Barup Waterfall
  • Enugu State’s Awlaw Waterfall.
  • Enugu State’s Opi (Uhere) Waterfall.
  • Enugu State’s AfamMmaku (ObialuOhuu) Waterfall.
  • Nasarawa State’s Karu Waterfalls
  • Enugu State’s Nwaekpu Waterfalls
  • Enugu State’s Lower Nwaekpu Falls.
  • Abuja’s Karshi Waterfall
  • Abuja’s Dutse Waterfall
  • Enugu State’s Ngalagu Waterfall.
  • Adamawa State’s Yadim Waterfall
  • Arochukwu, Abia State’s Amanagwu Waterfall.
  • Enugu State’s IyiNzu (Ezimo) Waterfall.
  • Adamawa State’s Sassa Waterfalls
  • Mambilla Waterfalls are located on the Mambilla Plateau in Taraba State.
  • Abuja’s Ushafa Waterfalls
  • Edo State’s Pankasha Waterfalls
  • Ebonyi State’s Oferekpe Waterfalls
  • Abuja’s Kurudu Waterfalls
  • Kaduna State’s Assab Waterfalls
  • Abuja’s GidanDadi Waterfalls
  • Kwara State’s Ahoyaya Waterfalls
  • Ajobi Waterfalls are located in Kogi State.
  • Abuja’s Nyanya Waterfalls
  • Egame Waterfalls are located in Kogi State.
  • Kogi State’s Ofobaje Waterfalls
  • Kogi State’s Owelle Waterfalls
  • Uloko Waterfalls are located in Kogi State.
  • Enugu’s Obeagu Waterfall
  • Kogi State’s Upogo Waterfalls
  • Taraba State’s Juhh Waterfalls
  • Taraba State’s Jurgel Waterfalls
  • Taraba State’s Mbela Waterfalls
  • Niger State’s Mayanka Waterfalls
  • Tunga Waterfalls, Taraba State.
  • Plateau State’s Jibam River Falls
  • Plateau State’s Kikoba Falls
  • Plateau State’s Khawang Falls.
  • Plateau State’s Zongu Falls
  • Kwara State’s Aise Waterfalls
  • Kwara State’s Ijoko Waterfall.
  • Kwara State’s Eromola Waterfall
  • Taraba State’s Mbamnga Waterfalls
  • Enugu’s Lower Nwaekpu Falls.
  • Osun State’s Ayikunugba Waterfalls


So, if you are planning a visit to any waterfall in Nigeria, here is a full list you can choose from which are located in various states of the federation.


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