Men and Women, Who are More Prudent With Money?

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Because irrespective of the thought of many this remains a debate between both gender. Which of the two has better management skills financially and which of them tends to succeed more in business?

Believe it or not, financial discipline attracts success in business. Show me a man that lacks financial discipline and I will show you a man that has 80% of failing in business.

Men and Women Who are More Prudent With Money

Prior to the popular belief that WOMEN are heavy spenders, due to their nature of upkeep and beautification you will be surprised that this is not half as true. WOMEN are known to plan, a budget for their needs and are good bargainers as well who ensure they get the best price before making purchase decisions.

WOMEN over time have evolved to focus more on PRUDENT long-term survival and less on immediate gains. They have the tendency to plan better and make better decisions than men in most cases. Scientifically, women are more mature than men on certain issues.

Men, on the other hand, men, are heavy spender, they spend as their emotion leads them. They are the ‘ACT FIRST, THINK LATER’ type no time to bargain. A great deal of their drive is fueled by testosterone with the constant need to show off and there is this ever-burning need for them to work, work, these deductions work. And do not get me wrong that is a good thing.

Yet, with these deductions above, there are women who have zero management skills and spend even more than they earn and we have men who have good management skills that they succeed so well.

In conclusion, WOMEN value common welfare and are more open to cooperation than competition. WOMEN care more about the future which makes them more prudent with money. And of course, these are a generalization but I am more right than wrong.

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