Why I Stopped A Friend From Visiting My House – Married Man Narrates

Nigerian Man in England

A Nigerian man who based in England has taken to his social media account, Twitter precisely, to narrates how he cuts off his friend from coming into his home again.

According to the married man whose twitter username is identified as @Shigoopompey, a diehard Manchester United fan, there was a time one of his friends visited their home (location not specified), they both enjoyed dinner together with the friend and after the meal, he (the host) attempts to put the dining in good form, only for his friend to react and say that he should call his wife to do the cleaning and not him doing it.

He said that his friend suggested that it’s his wife duty to do the cleaning and not his.

This, however, did not get down well with @Shigoopompey as he ordered that his friend should never visit their home again henceforth.

See his post below as captured by this online news platform:

@Shigoopompey, however, warns netizens not to come to his DM with unreasonable suggestions. He said that they can take whatever decision pleases them as regards their wife.

He tweeted again;

It is clear that some people men have considered a whole house chore to their wives, and whenever they are at home, they watch the wife do all chores while they watch TV or do some other kinds of stuff.

Well, not suggesting, I think men should learn to support their wives in keeping the house in good shape. They are meant to be a helper and not a maid or a slave.

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