Mother Takes Daughter To School On Bicycle, Amidst Lagos Okada Ban

Mother Takes Daughter To School On Bicycle:

It is no longer news that Nigerians are happy people, creative in all ways and can puzzle through any circumstances they found themselves.

This was the case of a woman who was captured on Monday morning in Lagos driving her daughter to school with Bicycle.

By mere looking at the picture, you can be sure that she is an educated person, not in any way an illiterate.

This was coming a few weeks after Lagos State Government recently placed a ban on Okada, and others in some major streets in the state, an order that sparks reactions across the states.

However, despite all odds, Lagos residents still go to work daily. Some by trekking, some on horses, some on a lift by car owners.

This amazing step by the woman with a bicycle has received attention and reactions by Nigerian. Praising her boldness and courage to have done that just to make sure her daughter get the education she needed.

What a woman… This is indeed inspiring and challenging to those who will complain and allow their children to sit home in the name of Okada ban. Kudos to a BRAVE WOMAN.


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