Top Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria

There are many worst courses in Nigeria you should not think of studying. Most of these courses aren’t lucrative and has low employability rate. Although these courses are not entirely useless, with the economy of the country and unemployment rate, it is not advisable to enroll in them.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the top worst courses you should avoid studying at any Nigerian University.

Studying the best courses in Nigerian universities these days does not guarantee employment after school not to talk of some of the worse courses. Connection, money, and marketable skills with talents are means of getting good jobs in Nigeria. In case you do not have any connections or money, we advise you to avoid studying any of the worst courses in Nigeria on our list.

Top 12 Worst Courses in Nigeria

In no order of priority, below are the list of the worst courses to study in Nigeria

1. Library Science

If you are looking for admission to a Nigerian university, Library Science is one of the worst courses in Nigeria you should avoid. The few libraries in Nigeria and job opportunities available compete with graduates of Library and Information Science.

Therefore, if you don’t have the connection to secure jobs, you should not enroll in Library Science.

2. Horticulture

Despite the profitability of Agriculture, there are some of its branches that are utterly useless and should not be studied in Nigeria. Horticulture which is the study and cultivation of ornamental plants, trees, and vegetables is one of the worst courses in Nigeria.

The Nigerian economy can not be compared to the economy of the developed world where ornamental plants are highly appreciated. So, there is a little or low employment rate for graduates of this course.

Except you intend to start your own flower business which will not be necessary to waste 4 years of study on. Hence, horticulture is one of the worst courses in Nigeria to study at Nigerian universities.

3. Elementary Education

Surprisingly, some schools are still offering Elementary education as a course. One of the worst courses to study in Nigeria is elementary education except you have a passion to teach nursery and primary school, students.

Instead of wasting years studying  Elementary Education as a course, you can go for other courses with good employment rates.

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4. Social Studies

Most graduate of Social studies ends up as secondary school teachers. This is a result of little or no job employment for graduates of the course. Thus, Social studies are one of the worst courses in Nigeria to avoid except if you don’t intend to look for a job after.

5. Home Economics

Home Economics is a good course with different skills that can be developed in the course of the study. Unfortunately, it is one of the worst courses in Nigeria when the employability of its graduate and the economy is considered.

If you plan to establish your business after studying this course, it might be better. Else, you will end up being employed as a teacher or even unemployed. Thus, spending years studying Home Economics may result in waste in Nigeria.

6. Physical Health Education

Physical Health Education is also one of the worst courses in Nigeria to spend years studying. Although it is a good course, especially for fitness freaks. But many people are making it big as fitness instructors without having to spend years in school.

Thus, it is hard to land a job as a graduate of Physical Health Education without a connection. Most of its graduates end up being secondary School teachers with few as Fitness instructors.

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7. Sociology

Here is another good course that is bad as a course of study in Nigeria. Sociology which deals with understanding humans and their social interactions is not lucrative in economies like Nigeria, unlike developed countries.

It will be a waste of time to study sociology if you do not have money and connection in Nigeria today. Most graduates of sociology end up being underemployed or unemployed after school. Therefore, it is one of the worst courses in Nigeria to study.

8. Anthropology

Most social science courses like Anthropology are not relevant when it comes to Nigeria’s economy. Anthropology which is the study of humans and their behavior has low employment opportunities in Nigeria. Hence, it is one of the worst courses in Nigeria you can study if you intend to seek employment after school.

9. General Arts

The study of different branches of arts including Visual arts, Sculpture paintings, and others is what is taught during the studying of the course. With many forms of arts being focused on, many graduates find it hard to start a specific career with the knowledge.

Compared to the developed countries, arts are underrated in Nigeria and only a few will spend on artwork. Besides, there are few art galleries and job opportunities with the degree study.

10. Religious Studies

Religious Studies-related courses like C.R.K and I.R.K have fewer job opportunities. Also, there are a lot of churches and mosques on all corners of Nigeria’s streets reducing the lucrativeness of the course.

Therefore, it is one of the worst courses in Nigeria to study. If you have a job in mind or have connections, you should not accept to study such a course.

11. Classical Studies

Classical Studies is also one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria. Have you ever seen where job opportunities for Classical Studies graduates are advertised?  There are little or no job opportunities for the course as its skill is not relevant to the economy.

12. Crop Science

Crop Science which is the study of Crops and diseases is also one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria. There are little or no job opportunities for this course which makes it less lucrative compared to others.

Most farmers in Nigeria may not see the need for this course except for a few reputable companies. This means you may be unable to secure a job without a connection.


Most of the courses on our list are useful and can be lucrative in other countries. They are not utterly useless and you can secure a job with them even in Nigeria. But the employment rate for these courses is low as they are not relevant to Nigeria’s economy. We advised you to think well before enrolling in any of these courses.