Yahoo Boys Get Rich New Method Leaked

yahoo boys

Yahoo Boys: Nigeria as a country so far has experienced a high rate of cyber crimes, most especially in 2019.

It is shocking that despite efforts by the operative of The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in the fight to curb Cybercrime in Nigeria, the more it increases.

The so-called Yahoo boys as popularly called by Nigerians are never preventing but increasing daily with new tricks and ways of operation.

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A now-viral voice note shared by a Nigerian has revealed their new way of operation, using people’s destiny to make fortunes.

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The concerned Nigerian who made the voice note revealed that the yahoo boys now go on the street to beg for Hundred Naira Note and use it to do rituals.

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Hello my fellows, the whole town is alerted! I beg you in the name of God, be aware that the bad guys are not relenting, they want to ride on Benz Cars, they have now come out with a new trick of begging people for 100 naira note.”

Please, for God’s sake don’t give them when they approach you begging for a hundred naira note. They use the destiny of anyone who gives them the money.” He said in the Yoruba language.


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