10 Ways to Increase Employees Productivity in the Workplace

Increasing employees’ productivity doesn’t have to involve a big investment on the part of the business owner. With the precise and right effort, It can be achieved easily.

Small business owners do not have fat budgets or huge resources to waste. Hence, the need to maximize every given opportunity including their employees working hours. Unlike the traditional method employed by many business owners, where forces are used to ensures employees’ productivity in their workplace. A natural and good friendly method is more easier and long-lasting.

Providing a conducive environment, team support, working freedom among other positive practices can help boost your employees’ productivity. Below are some tips that can help in achieving employees’ productivity and peak performance in their place of work.


10 Ways to increase Employees’ productivity

1. Eliminate or Lessen Distractions

Boosting employees’ productivity has to do with avoiding distractions and attaining goals, completing tasks assigned, and projects. This could be best achieved by the management by limiting interruptions either from the business activities or other co-workers.

An effective way to limit interruptions is to avoid unnecessary meetings. Unnecessary and irrelevant meetings are one of the reasons why many employees don’t meet their goals and finish their work early. In a situation where the meeting is necessary, ensure it is concise and effective.

Also, encourage and provide workspaces with little or no noise to facilitate rapid task completion and productivity.

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2. Social media and E-mails

Related to the first point is Social media and E-mail; another major distraction faced by employees. Encourage your workers to disengage from their smartphones and other gadgets during working hours. This is to prevent spending time on social media during working hours. They can do so during their free and break period.

If checking of E-mail is part of the job descriptions assigned, leaving it to a certain time. Or even assigning a specific time for checking will be better and help to boost performance. Rather than checking every time, there is an E-mail message.

3. Assign and Delegate the task

To improve employees’ productivity, it’s important to assign and delegate tasks to different staff based on their skills and expertise. This doesn’t only help the staff to gain confidence and leadership skills, it also helps the manager or owner to focus on more crucial activities.

Delegating task helps to achieve more within a short duration while building the necessary trust between the employee and employer.

4. Conducive Working Place

Providing a positive and conducive working environment for your workforces is another way to boost employees’ productivity. Allow workers the freedom to express themselves, control their time, partaking in (business)decision making, and so on. All these work a lot in boosting workers’ morale. Doing these will makes them feel important and help to work as a team in achieving business goals.

You may want to consider improving some physical attributes of the working areas used by your employees also. Ensuring a not-too-hot or cold area, adequate lighting, Scented and fresh fragrance may also make it relaxing. With all these, even the laziest worker may have no choice but to sit up.

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5. Good Equipment and Tools

A workplace devoid of quality and necessary equipment and the working tool will limit your worker’s activities. It may dampen their attitude towards work, as extra effort, time, and energy will be needed.

Purchasing quality and the right equipment is important to any business that hopes to achieve its target.

6. Working Hours

It’s common to see many entrepreneurs and business owners who in a bid to maximize their workforces extend their working period to ungodly hours. Even though it sounds productive, it’s the opposite. Extending doesn’t mean it will improve the number of tasks done by the workers. Rather you are wearing them out and increasing their stress.

Do not be surprised if they are just present physically but get nothing or less done. This is a situation refers to as Presenteeism. Creating reasonable working hours, encouraging quality time over quantity will help in improving your employees’ productivity better. The use of short breaks with vacations will also help in this case.

7. Training

Productivity can’t be achieved without the required skill set and knowledge. Training your staff occasionally on things that matter and skills required to meet their target. Skills including time management, communication skills, use of spreadsheets, and word document among other relevant things. All are necessary to improve your employees’ productivity and performance.

8. Positive Reinforcement

The use of positive reinforcement is another way for business owners to impact and encourage employees’ productivity. Giving constructive criticism on work done, incentives and rewards are all part of the needed reinforcement by employees.

Carrying out these activities will not only gear their mind to do more. It also gives them the assurance that they are needed and valued by the organization. If you aren’t doing any of these, then you are already limiting your employees’ productivity and performance.

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9. Adequate Communications and Team Support

Communicating with your employees helps you to know them better. It helps you to know the challenges and problems faced by them while working on their goals and tasks.

Giving the required support give them the strength to continue working despite the challenges. It encourages them to put in their best which will increase their performance more.

10. Realistic Goals and Plan

While we talk about how to influence your employee’s productivity, it is advisable not to stress them with unrealistic goals. Ensure what you are asking for isn’t far from being realistic. Just because it will only leave both you and the employees drained at the end of the day. Thereby reducing your staff performance and productivity. And we don’t want that, do we?

Even with all the above tips given to increase employees’ productivity, nothing will change if no plan or to-do list is mapped out. If your employees aren’t aware of the necessary task or work to be done. Trying to improve their productivity will be a waste of time.

We advise you to start from such little things before applying something deeper. Educate them on what their daily roles and responsibilities are. Create a to-do list and daily plans for them and watch how pumped up their energy will be. We hope you find this helpful?


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