How mVisa Works and How to Start Accepting Payment

mVisa is one of the new digital innovations created to ensure hassle-free payment and receiving of money between businesses and customers. This article will expose you to what mVisa is, how mVisa works, how to register among other information.

What is mVisa?

Visa Inc. recently launched a digital payment method and virtual card(mVisa) that can be used in the payment of goods and services. With just a smartphone, mVisa mobile app, and a good internet connection, it can be used to pay and order goods on many international platforms.

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All you need is the merchant ID number or even the business QR code and with just 2 to 3 steps, you are done. Still, confused about how mVisa works? Continue reading the article.

How Does mVisa Works?

As said earlier, mVisa is a cardless payment method of paying for goods online with just a smartphone and app with a good internet connection.

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The mVisa works by assigning a unique barcode known as QR code which includes Merchant ID number and the user name to each user. So paying or transferring to anyone requires either their QR code or the Merchant ID number.

But before you can use mVisa, you need to register first. Check out the below steps to know how to register as a user.

How To Register as a User

To register as a mVisa user is quite simple as many banks have embraced the virtual payment method. Some of these banks include

  • First Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Polaris Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • EcoBank
  • United Bank for Africa(UBA) and so many others

If your bank isn’t listed up there, you can confirm from your bank if they adopted it before going ahead to register. Follow these steps to register as a mVisa user.

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1. Contact your bank either via calling the customer care representative, sending a message on social media, or visiting the nearest branch to make your intention known.

2. Register and you will be assigned a unique QR code, merchant ID number, and others necessary

3. Sign up on the mVisa app

4. Input the temporary mPin sent to you with other required details

5. Change the pin and start using the app.

With these steps, you can start using mVisa as your virtual payment method. For paying of bills, sending money to other mVisa account holders, and so many other activities. After these, If you are a business owner, you can start informing your customers you now accept payment via mVisa.

How to Make Payment via the app

1. Sign in to your mVisa app

2. Request for the merchant ID number or QR code

3. Insert either the merchant ID number or scan the QR code

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4. Authorize the payment to transfer to the merchant.

Benefit of mVisa

Below are some benefits of being a mVisa user.

  • Ability to pay for goods anytime any day without worrying about carrying cash or cards around(so far you are with your smartphone)
  • It’s directly linked to your bank account so no extra step is needed to access your money
  • It’s easy to use and faster in making payments
  • It’s easy to set up and doesn’t take a long period or money before use.
  • It’s safe and secure.

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mVisa is one of the best virtual cards used by many entrepreneurs which has to lessen the carrying of cards and rejection of debit or credit card on various platforms especially International.

With this guide, creating a virtual payment method with mVisa shouldn’t be a problem. We hope you find it helpful!

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