4 Things to Know While Preparing For A Job Interview

In case you are preparing for a job interview, to be discussed below are things you need to do if you want to hear “resume to work on Monday” from your interviewer.

While putting yourself together for an interview, there are some vital things you need to know, do and abstain from if you really want to get that your dream job.

However, we will be examining what you need to do while preparing for a job interview in Nigeria one after the other.

  1. Study The Organization Background

If you’ve ever attended a job interview before, you’ll agree with me that the way and manner they attack interviewees with questions is not different from a battlefield.

Hence, you need to get ready and prepare for the defensive. Know where you’re going very well and study how to get there safely. Plan ahead in other not to fall into traps.

Plus, show your interviewer that you know much about the company, the job and how it’s performed…and many more.

After all, the person who knows and understands the language of the job is who they want in the organization, your sound knowledge about the job will signify to the interviewer that you’re the man for the job.

However, you can succeed with this by doing a thorough preparation before going forward for the job interview.

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  1. Plan for the Job Interview

Like the popular saying “if you fail to plan, you have the plan to fail”, hence, make sure you effectively plan your schedule before the interview day.

While you must have studied everything about the organization and its employees, the next thing is to plan for the D-day.

While planning for the job interview, the most fundamental aspect is you keeping to the schedule of the meeting.

Also,  plan your ways and how to get there. Whether to go on an early bus or go by taxi, it’s up to you. The bottom line is that don’t be late to the interview, it may prevent you from getting a job.

  1. Attempt Every Question

Ensure that you attempt every single question that the interviewer thrown at you. keeping mute may cost you the job. And make sure you’re precise when giving your answers.

Always give examples and make a concise illustration when providing your answers.

However, don’t attempt to lie where you don’t have an answer. Telling like will reduce your chances of getting the job.

  1. Body Language

Be confident on the hot seat, gesticulate and speak with your body as you make a submission to every question. Most of the interviews take this part very seriously.

Also, never cross your arms, rub your hair, rock on the chair or sit on the seat edge while the interview is in progress, doing such things will signal to the interviewer that you’re being defensive.

So instead, listen to the interviewer carefully and maintain eye contact with him/her. That will tells him you have confidence and know what you’re doing and saying.

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