Weekend Jobs to Boost Your Side Hustles in Nigeria

Ideally, the morning to evening and seven days a week jobs are expected to be enough to provide a steady financial income for many Nigerians. But the truth is, all fingers are not equal as some people will still need to hustle in other to make extra cash.

While it is practically impossible for someone who has a job already to run a side hustle during the working days, what appears to be the best bet is to take weekend days as days of making extra income to complement your monthly earnings.

In case you are one of those that needs a side job to earn extra cash, orUnemployed”- How To Survive The Present Economy Recession, there are plenty of jobs and side businesses that you can do to enrich your pocket before you receive your salary. Among them is.

  1. Event Planning

Most of the events and ceremonies in Nigeria are usually held during weekends and as such, you can major in event planning if you have what it takes to get into the business. Read Also: How To Set Up Event Planning Business From Home

  1. Bouncer/Security Guard

Just like event planning, this is another side business you can do on weekends. While you can do this business all alone, you can also join a security company. There are many of them out there that you can approach for the weekend day’s work consideration.

  1. New House Cleaning

Also, the real estate industry is on the rise in Nigeria and as such, the way people keep building houses is alarming. You can venture into the house cleaning business on Saturdays to earn extra cash. This weekend business can be done alone and you can at this same time do it as a group.

  1. Taxi

If you have a driving license, you may want to consider driving a taxi on weekend days. Such is an opportunity to make cool cash in a bid to compliment your monthly salary. Read Also: How To Set Up A Taxi Business in Nigeria

  1. Catering Service

Catering services could be done as a full-time or part-time job and since you are on a full-time job already, you may want to consider offering catering services during weekends. All you need is to create awareness of the necessary audience and the rest will be history.

  1. Babysitting/ Nanny

Babysitting or Nanny as we normally call it is a business idea for a kid’s lover. If you like playing around with children you may want to consider these weekend gigs so has to earn a little extra cash.

  1. Baking

If you have all the necessary skills and baking knowledge, you can earn massively by using your weekend days for baking. All you need to do is to inform your friends and family about your decision to start part-time baking.

  1. Freelancing

If you possess expertise in any online business, you may decide to go on freelancing to enrich your pocket before the end of the month. If you are very good at writing or designing or you know the nook and cranny of internet marketing, freelancing in such an area on Saturdays isn’t bad, either. Read Also: How to Make Extra Money with Freelance Jobs


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