5 Reasons Why Nigerian Youths Love iPhone

Ever wondered Why Nigerian Youths Love iPhone that some even go great lengths just to have one? the thing about Nigerian youths that no one can take away from them is their love for materialistic things. Without prejudice to any gender.

And now, thanks to technology – mobile phone manufacturing companies to be precise. The only way Nigerian youths can determine one’s socioeconomic status is through the mobile phone he/she is using.

In this regard, the leading mobile phone that any Nigerian will always wish to have is an iPhone. After this, Samsung, Nokia, and Android phones will follow.

Usually, people use to argue as to which is better between iPhone and Android – without recourse to the price. But the truth is, even the Android-operated phone users will pick iPhone ahead of Android if the opportunity comes.

That shows how much Nigerians love iPhone even they 75% of the youth can’t afford it. Not because some don’t have the money to buy it, they are just of the belief that it is another way of leaving extravagantly.

However, whatever the case may be, the following are the core reasons why average Nigerian youths love iPhone

  1. iPhones are Immune to Malware and Trojan

One of the arguments that most iPhone lovers do canvas is that the iPhone cannot be infected by any malware or virus. Well, it’s their opinion but not always true.

That iPhone is an iOS product or app doesn’t mean it’s totally immune from the virus. If the iPhone is used to download via unsecured wireless or WiFi, chances are that it’ll be infected with the virus and some other kind of malware.

As a result of this blind reason, many Nigerians youths fall for the iPhone and some can go to any length just to have one.

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  1. Better Resale Value

There is no point in disputing this pure fact. Even this is one of the cogent reasons why Nigerians are patronizing the iPhone. Regardless of how poorly you maintain it, it will still be sold for a good figure compared to the Android phone.

  1. To Show Off

Another reason why Nigerians love iPhone is that it’ll be used to measure their socio-economic status in society and among their peers.

The recent version of an iPhone is being sold for nothing less than N400,000. Do you know what this means? Even the girls will respect you. If you can afford to land an iPhone, that means your pocket is heavy and deep.

Nobody even cares whether or not you are using a new or fairly used one, your respect as an iPhone user will always be the same.

  1. It Supports a lot of Apps

iPhone has varieties of apps and this feature alone is one thing iPhone users cannot do without talking about in the midst of Android users. Irrespective of app you may be used before on your Android, iPhone has it.

  1. iPhone is Durable

If anyone said iPhone is overrated I wouldn’t dispute that. The majority of iPhone users do claim the phone is durable that’s why they love it so much.

Does that mean Android-operated phones are not durable too? The truth is that all smartphones are durable, it depends on the users.

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