5 Category Of People That Will Forever Remain Poor

Except a change occurs, the below category of People will forever remain poor.

There is a popular saying that “Poverty is a choice,” on the reverse, it simply means that becoming successful is dependant on every individual.

Well, many at times, some persons have argued that the above is not true. But to be factual, everyone can not be rich at the same time.

There will always be poor people and also rich people in society.

Note: The term poor does not connote been without no money, it only means been unable to meet certain needs.

There is a set of individual that works hard every day of their lives, but they keep living like they had no job at all.

There are also some sets who earn big in their jobs, make lots of gain in their business but they never become prosperous.

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On the contrary, there are a set of people who earns very little but eventually becomes wealthy even from their little income.

Below I will give an outline of these five categories of people who will remain poor no matter the job, the business they do to earn a living.

1 –┬áPeople whose expenses are always bigger than their income, and never manage the little they receive

There are a lot of people who despite that they are aware of their needs, they never plan also how to manage their little income so that they can pay off their bills and eventually overtake their limits. They keep on spending ad they receive, not minding to try out on investment even in the little.

2- People who are lazy

Laziness has robbed so many individuals of their right to become successful people in life. And therefore such will remain poor not just in February but throughout their lives except change occurs.

Remember, “there is no food for a lazy man.”

3- People who compete with others around them

No matter how much money you think a person has, If such a person is noted to always been in competition, comparing themselves with others, such a person will eventually reach his elastic point and become poor.

Note: There is a positive way of competing with others in terms of business. In as much as you do business or you are an employee, there will always be a competition in those lines, which requires you to step up and improve on taking the market or lead. Now that is a better and positive way to compete.

But, for people who are never in the same line of business, a job with others around them, but always covet what the other person has as an asset, such an individual have gotten himself into a negative type of competition, and that will sooner or later land him to poverty.

4- People who do not learn from their previous mistakes in managing their money

It is always common for everyone to have made mistakes at a point in life as regards how to manage wealth. But it is unheard of, it is a disaster for one not to be able to make right what he or she has previously failed in doing.

Mistakes come, but always make sure that next time you overcome it by improving in yourself.

5- People who do not have a target

Working, doing business without a target is like running a race that has not to stop point. You will keep running and eventually get worn out.

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People become rich and successful not just because they are lucky, but because they have a set target, they work towards it, they never give up no matter the challenges along the line.

Stop earning and doing business without a target, you can never be rich or become successful when you only earn, do business just so you can feed your mouth daily.

The above five, are part of measure reasons why some people have become wretched.

Remember: Becoming successful is a choice. So don’t be the reason why you are poor. Stand to overcome your limits.


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