6 Best Beaches in Croatia You Need to Know

Are you a lover of beach and tourism? If “Yes” then you will love to know about the best beaches in Croatia. If you are new in Croatia then you have undoubtedly been enchanted by the beauty of Croatia, which in addition to having a beautiful sea of ​​clear waters and breathtaking scenery, with a good variety of bays, reefs, islands and beaches, it is still surrounded by lush nature, with incredible lakes and national parks.

In addition, Croatia has become a very popular destination with tourists in the summer season, which is why it has developed a lot and today has great options for cultural tours, beach bars, clubs, cafes and other different types of amenities.

Looking for a destination with sun and fresh water? Check out the 6 best beaches in Croatia below and schedule your next vacation now!

1. Srebrna beach, Rukavac

Srebrna Beach, Croatian

By the bay of Rukavac, located in the southeast of the Island of Vis, is the charming Srebrna Beach, which is a perfect place for people looking to take holidays in typically Mediterranean environments, with a clear sea of ​​clear waters and little crowded beaches.

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Despite being a sandy beach, it also has rocky stretches. In addition, Srebrna is all surrounded by dense vegetation, which makes perfect shadows for you to escape the sun.

2. Crljina Beach, Rogoznica

Crljina Beach - one of the best beaches in Croatia

Crljina Beach, which is partially paved and covered with stones in some places, appeals to all tastes and is perfect for the most different types of tourists.

The youngest and most adventurous, for example, can jump into the sea from the top of the peaks. Adults relax on sun loungers and enjoy the sun and the sea in the greatest peace in the world.

In the past, Rogoznica was a fishing village, but today it is a beautiful resort on the peninsula considered as a very popular tourist destination.

3. Zlatni RT beach, Brac

Zlatni RT beach, Brac

Located on the island of Brac, the Zlatni beach is a favorite of tourists and locals, as it attracts attention with its turquoise sea, gravel and white sand. An interesting point is that it stretches out into the sea for almost 500 meters, has a “v” shape and is changing its shape due to the influence of waves and wind.

This beach is also a great place to practice water sports, such as surfing or diving, and it also offers a rich nightlife for those who like to rest, but do not miss a good buzz.

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4. Punta Rata beach, Brela

Punta Rata beach, Brela

Punta Rata Beach is among the ten most beautiful beaches in the world and was also considered as the most beautiful in Croatia and Europe.

Fine gravel (although the entrance to the water is of sand) and with crystalline blue sea, it is surrounded by pine trees that provide perfect shadows to relax and also has an imposing rock, which emerges from the sea and is ideal for you to get to enjoy the scenery.

Close to this beach, it is possible to visit several bars and restaurants to enjoy exquisite typical dishes. There, other services such as equipment rental and sports accessories are also offered.

5. Pakleni Otoci Islands, Hvar

Pakleni Otoci Islands - Best Beaches in Croatia

All cut by bays and coves, the Pakleni Otoci Islands are considered the most beautiful part of Hvar. Also known as the Hell Islands, they are wooded islands, submerged in the middle of a clear blue sea, with some tourist centers and several hidden beaches, abandoned lagoons and stone terraces facing the sun.

There are several options to enjoy these beaches in the country: the practice of naturism in Jerolim, diving in the spectacular seabed, visiting the famous Carpe Diem club to enjoy the night in style or visit the Palmizana marina.

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6. Banje Beach, Dubrovnik

Banje - Best Beaches in Croatia

Considered one of the best and most beautiful in the world, the famous Banje Beach in Dubrovnik certainly deserves your visit! In addition to its beautiful beach and clean sea, it offers a good variety of activities during the day, such as boat trips, paragliding, pedal boats, jet skis and much more.

However, for those who prefer more popular programs, the place also has a very lively nightlife, with its bars on the beach, parties and restaurants. What’s more, there, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the city walls and the island of Lokrum.

In Croatia, you can either look for a lot of excitement or look for quiet places and disconnect from the world, since there are several islands and bays that are well hidden and have beaches that are still unknown, away from the crowds and sights.

In addition, the local population is famous for being super friendly and cheerful, which is a good incentive to visit this exciting country in Eastern Europe!


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