3 Reasons You Should Obey Road Safety Rules and Regulations in Nigeria

It goes without saying that average Nigerian road users lack respect for the Road Safety Rules and Regulations. This is very rampant among commercial drivers.

But little do they know that the road signs, traffic regulations plus the safety rules are all there for the interest of the motorists and other road users crossing or walking across the road.

Before going further as to the consequences of disobeying traffic rules, below are few road safety rules that all drivers and road users are expected to obey:

All road users (drivers in particular) are expected to keep to their left and allow all the coming vehicles in their opposite direction to go.
It is mandatory for all drivers to always slow down at any turning point or bends.
there is road congestion, it is a must for all motorists to drive with care, slowly and gently.
Drivers should always remain within the required speed limit within the school and hospital areas and whenever they are traveling.
is a must for every driver to maintainsignificant distance between their vehicle and any other vehicles in front.
Drinking while driving is totally prohibited.
or making calls while driving is totally frowned at.
Drivers are mandated to always use their seat belts.

There are many other important traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria that are very necessary for drivers and road users to obey.

Having highlighted some of these traffic rules and regulations, it is high time to discuss the 4 reasons why these traffic regulations are important.

Why you need to obey traffic rules and regulations.


1. Arrest and punishment.

Where there is no rule, there is no sin and vice versa. So if you are caught by the agents saddled with the road safety responsibility violating the rules of the roads, you’ll be fined.

In case you don’t know, there are different types of punishments available for disobeying traffic rules and regulations.

These punishments differ based on their severity. You may be charged to the court and be punished and if you are lucky, you may be fined only.

2. Road accidents.

Another important reason why you should obey the traffic rules and regulations is to avoid road accidents.

The more the motorists and other road users keep ignoring the traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria the more the chances of having a road accident.

And it is a well-known fact that a road accident can lead to damage to vehicles, injury and it may even result in people losing their lives.

3. Traffic hold-ups.

The last reason why road rules and regulations are important and vital for all road users is to curb the menace of heavy traffic congestion.

While the bad condition of our roads in Nigeria can contribute to the traffic congestion, it’s obvious that disobedience to the traffic rules and regulations also causes it too.

However, in other to avoid all these unwanted scenarios, it is at the interest of all road users to always obey the traffic rules and regulations.


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