Adsense Earnings Into Zenith Bank Savings Account (My Experience)

If you should check on most blogs they post about how to receive your Google AdSense earnings with the normal savings account, most people fall for this but I’ve got to update you guys based on my experience with the Zenith Bank Savings account.

I have to let you know it is a bitter experience but am happy to give you full details so as to guide you not to make the same mistake I made.

Not writing this long article to chase you off Zenith bank because after all my experience Zenith Bank Seems to be the best bank to receive your Adsense earnings.

My Experience Receiving Earnings On Zenith Bank Savings Account

Before I attempted to withdraw I checked online from different blogs to know if it is possible to withdraw AdSense earnings into the normal savings account.

All they say is yes it is possible and even wrote a well-detailed post to buttress their claim, I then went ahead to add my bank details and SWIFT codes and the payment was made for the month.

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Believe me, I was so happy I’ll have my money soon but the reverse is the case, I waited for two good months and the money still doesn’t reflect in my account.

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I then went to my bank to complain, I was told there’s no money in my account, then I requested for my account manager phone number of which I called him and he said same.

Various thoughts scroll through my mind, but one thing is certain, Adsense can’t scam me so I was so sure the issue is from my bank.

This prompted me to call my Bank manager again, as Adsense claimed they have paid then where is the problem from, Google can’t lie.

My Bank Account Manager then told me to request a SWIFT Telex Code for them to be able to trace the payment.

I quickly messaged Google and I got the Swift Telex code within 48 Hours, I then sent the code to my Account manager of which he said the money was successfully transferred.

Ok, then why can’t I see my money reflect in my account balance? He said the money went directly to their head office in Abuja.

Anyways I got calmed a little then how would I receive my money? He responded I need to write a formal letter and forward it to one email address.

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The stress got too much that I was so fed up, my house to the nearest Zenith Bank is almost 1 hour Journey and also transport fare isn’t fair.

But I’ve got no option, I left for the bank and when I got there, they seem not to know about Swift Telex code, I have to call my Account Manager on phone again for them to speak with him.

Later got to know sending the letter is of no use, I was told I can’t receive Dollars into a Naira account that it is not possible.

I then have to open a Domiciliary account before I can have my money, I opened a domiciliary account.

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Could you believe I went through series of stress and it took me days before the DOM account was finally opened?

Now I have a DOM account then move my Dollars into my DOM account, this went for weeks and still couldn’t get my money.

Getting stressed and fed up, I left the struggle till when next ill have time to disturb them again, though I read online that if after 2-3 Months and the payment wasn’t claimed it will be sent back to Google.

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After two months I checked my Adsense earnings and lo and behold I discovered the money has been added to my current earnings. You need to see the Joy in me.

I immediately input my Domiciliary Account details with the swift codes and within 20 Minutes I got an alert of $154, WOW!!!

Ever since then my payment never seize nor hang, I receive payment every 23rd of the month. Zenith Bank needed to be applauded because some banks do take more time.

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How  To Receive Adsense Earnings On Zenith Bank DOM Account

After you must have opened your DOM account the following details will be needed for you to add your Account to Adsense.

  1. Login to your Adsense Publisher account, Click on Payments.
  2. Then input your payment details as follows.
  3. Choose Wire Transfer as your payment mode.
  4. Input your Bank Account Number, Name of Bank and Name of the Account which is your name.
  5. Input your Swift code which is “ZEIBNGLA”, remove the quote.

Ignore the rest and save, then you can expect to receive your earnings monthly. Happy earning.


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