How to Promote a Blog and Make It Popular: Rare Tips

Have you set up a blog but hardly receive visits? Do not worry, it is a very common situation during the first months. Now, if you want to get out of this state as soon as possible, you need to know how to promote a blog.

I propose that you accompany me throughout this article. I’m sure that if you put the following strategies into practice you will get your blog popular in no time.

The essential strategy to promote a blog

A blog needs some basic elements that are the starting point to success. Without them, you will hardly get the attention of your readers, much less hold it in the long term.

Therefore, before you start promoting your blog, you need to make sure that you comply with the essentials.

Preconditions for a successful blog

I suggest you use the following list as if it were a checklist. If you meet the requirement, go ahead. If you do not comply, try to work on it before you start promoting your blog.

  • Quality articles

Before promoting a blog it is important to check that the quality of the articles is sufficient.

First of all, make sure your articles are well written. Use close language, with short and well-connected sentences. Subheadings will also help readers follow the thread. Finally, read it out loud and confirm that what you want to convey is understood.

On the other hand, evaluate if the content is valuable to your audience. How do you know? Well, if your content is original – different from what others do – and above all, if it truly helps your readers, then it is a valuable article.

  • Extension of the articles

The length of the articles is a topic that usually generates quite a controversy. Some say that starting at 600 words is enough. Others consider that a good article should be around 2000 words. Who is right? Both.

What is clear is that an article that is too short will hardly add value. And an extremely long article could become cumbersome and difficult to read.

But if with 700 words you have already transmitted what you wanted, close it there. Don’t fill it with straw. In general, an average length of 800-1000 words is fine for most blogs.

  • Articles of interest to your readers

Writing topics that interest your audience is essential. But how are you going to know if they are interested? A good way is to analyze the dwell time through Google Analytics.

With this free tool you can know how much time elapses from when a user enters your blog until they leave. Obviously, if he goes very fast, he is not interested in what he found.

To give you an idea, the average time spent on most blogs is 40 seconds. If you are below, you should improve your articles before promoting your blog. If not, your efforts could be in vain.

  • Consistent posting rate

Before considering how to publicize your blog, start from a commitment to perseverance. It is not worth writing five articles the first week and then forgetting it for two months. It is much better to maintain a stable posting frequency.

To keep that record, I recommend planning an editorial calendar in which you indicate what you will write each week. If you do them in batch, you can leave them scheduled to be published on the corresponding date.

Promote the articles or promote the blog?

If you meet the above requirements, you are in a position to have a successful blog. So now is the time to seriously think about promoting your blog.

But what do you have to promote, the articles or the blog?

It is best to promote the articles. Think that everyone who is interested in your articles will inevitably notice the blog that hosts it and even the author who writes it.

Your mission is to have more and more successful articles, which you will promote to give them greater momentum. As a consequence, your entire blog will be strengthened.

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SEO is a natural way to promote a blog

Google can be a great ally when it comes to promoting a blog. If he “takes a liking” to any of your articles, he can place them in the top positions in a short time, sending you a lot of visits. Every blogger’s dream!

But Google does not usually get affection just like that. You have to get their attention through a well-worked SEO. If you do this part well, Google will gladly help you promote your articles. After all, he just wants to give the best to his users.

How to promote a blog using the best tactics?

Now, I’m going to directly answer your question about how to publicize your new blog. Here are the best tactics you can carry out to promote your blog and reach as many people as possible.

Social networks: publish in profile, groups and communities

Every time you publish an article, share it immediately on social networks. The ideal is to have your own account for your blog, which will grow progressively and which will bring your community together.

To reach more people, use the hashtags and ask your followers to share and comment.

On the other hand, investigate in which groups, communities and forums you could share your article. Of course, do not spam. You should think about whether that group has a real interest in what you are going to share, and try not to weigh yourself down.

Internal links: improve navigation and SEO to promote your blog

Internal linking is a good way to promote a blog and improve its SEO. This strategy, also known as interlinking, consists of linking some articles with others within your own blog.

Of course, the content of the linked articles must be related to each other. In this way, you will be helping your readers to navigate the blog following their interests. You will take the user from one article to another, which means that you have captured and held their attention.

For its part, Google will detect it as a very favorable signal and will reward you by positioning yourself better.

In addition, internal linking is a very good SEO strategy because it helps spread authority between different articles. And if you link using keywords, you will be helping to rank for those words.

How to use external links to publicize your blog

Another very interesting strategy is to add links to blogs and/or external websites. Imagine that you are writing about a topic and you think that the article of another blogger fits well to expand on some detail. In that case, don’t be afraid to link to their post.

Many people believe that this will lose readers or authority, when in fact the opposite is the case. If you put external links to websites more relevant than yours, Google values ​​it positively – and your readers too – because you are referencing quality content.

On the other hand, the author you have linked to will be grateful. They may even share your article on their social media, which could bring you a lot of traffic.

You are interested in establishing cordial relationships with other top-ranked bloggers in your niche. Who knows, perhaps in the future this relationship may lead to closer collaborations such as guest posts, which I will talk about below.

Guest posts and comments on other blogs

It is very important to network with the authors of other blogs with a similar theme to yours. Look especially for blogs that are not direct competition, but that your content can complement each other.

I recommend that you prepare a list of possible candidates and go there indicating the details of your interactions, either through social networks, comments on the blog or by email.

A gentle way to get in is by commenting on articles. Make sure your message is friendly and adds value. That blogger will be happy to receive your comments and will start to see you as a “buddy.” At the same time, these comments will serve you too, because they will make you known to their community.

When you have a closer relationship, it will be time to propose to make a guest post on his blog. A guest post consists of writing an article for another blogger, who will publish it on their own website. It will do so on your behalf and link it to your blog.

This is a great strategy to promote your blog. On one hand you will be positioning yourself as an expert in the community of that other blog. On the other hand, many of these readers will visit your blog and, if they are interested in what they find there, they will also become your followers.

Guest posts written by other bloggers

In the same way that you can write on other blogs, other authors can write on yours.

But before saying yes to all the proposals, you must assess if you are interested. Or rather, if your readers are interested in what that blogger will publish on your website. You can always negotiate content and come up with good collaborations. At the end of the day, it is something that interests you both.

See how this guest post will help promote your blog:

  • First of all, having others write on your blog gives you authority, as it shows that you are an important blogger in the sector.
  • But beyond that, the guest author will share the article on their social media. That will take many visits and new readers to your website. Possibly you will also link to that article from your website, which will contribute and add a lot to SEO positioning.

Now, what if no one writes you proposing a guest post? Nothing happens. You can also be the one to propose it. Of course, you must choose well who you ask. Not all authors agree to write in other people’s blogs, and less if your blog is still little known, so make it attractive.

For example, you can take a solidarity action and ask other bloggers to contribute a guest post. Or you can do a review on a topic, asking for their opinion as an expert to publish it on your blog.

How to promote a blog with videos and podcasts

Another way to promote a blog is to go beyond the written article itself. I encourage you to try podcasting (content in audio format) or video blogging (content in video format).

Think that there are more and more podcasts and YouTube users. If you are there, you may be discovered thanks to those platforms. The most logical thing, when the interest is maintained, is that they end up being your followers and visit your blog. And of course, you can incorporate those podcasts and videos in your own blog adding extra value.

Infoproducts and newsletter to retain your audience

The last step for your community to grow and stay true to your content is to keep in touch with them. And that is achieved thanks to the newsletter, that is, to agree to receive your communications via email. That is the icing on the cake, the best way to consolidate the success of your blog.

To do this, nothing better than preparing a free info-product (an ebook, a masterclass, an infographic, etc.) that can be downloaded in exchange for giving you their email.

In this way, all the people who have an interest in what you offer will become subscribers. You can notify them every time a new article comes out and strengthen your relationship more and more.

Constancy, essential to promote a blog

I hope that now you have more clear knowlege on how to promote a blog. You see that it takes some work, but perseverance always pays off and the results will end up coming.

All these strategies will make your blog popular and become an authority site on the subject you are dealing with.

Also, if you want to make money with your website, all the traffic you get could translate into a significant source of income. So give it a try and… promote your blog!


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