Avoid Explosion – See Tips For Checking Your Gas Cylinder

Tips To Avoid Gas Explosion at homes:

Ignorance has caused havoc in many Nigerian home today. Many gas cylinder users in Nigerian homes have once or several times attempted shaking their gas cylinder just to know if they have more gas left.

I put it to you that it’s a dangerous practice, avoid it.

Well, I understand you may have tried this before and nothing happened, just know that you are fortunate and God has saved you. That could result in an explosion next time, stop it.

You really don’t have to shake your gas cylinder to ascertain what is left inside. No way!

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There is a better way to do that and I will briefly explain that below.

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How to know the amount of Gas remaining in your Gas Cylinder:

Like I said above, you must not shake your gas cylinder to know what’s remaining inside it, what you should do is to use water (normal) and wet a side of the cylinder, give it a few minutes to settle, check back and you will discover that a part of the cylinder from the top has dried and a part below remains wet.

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That signifies that you have gas left on the wet part.

See how to check your gas below.


Gas Explosion

Please avoid the former practice of shaking it, it’s dangerous, It could cause fire explosion.

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