5 Deadly Diseases Caused by Microwave Ovens

Do you know there are Deadly Diseases Caused by Microwave Ovens? Advancement in technology has brought advancement in our life and have also altered our way of life, our way of cooking and preparing foods. After the invention of the microwave, it has grown to be accepted into different homes as it is easy to use and portable.
However, the recent decline in health conditions of microwaves users has increased concern and recent findings prove the use of microwave unhealthy.
Microwaves works on radiation- ionizing radiations to be precise, and ionizing energy changes the electromagnetic property and features of an atom and also alters the way the atom reacts with other atoms.
Microwave utilizes Ionizing radiations such as X- rays, gamma, etc so the food we eat contains trace elements of this high-frequency radiation and can be harmful to health.

Below we will outline 5 lists of the deadly diseases caused by the use of Microwave ovens.

1. Fatigue – the microwave device has been found to be a major cause of fatigue and subsequently obesity.

2. Loss of Nutrient- Malnutrition- through the use of radiation most of the nutrients in the food are destroyed leaving behind nutrient fewer meals.

3.Insomnia – fingers also point to microwave as a contributor to the increasing disease of insomnia- brain damage.

4. Removal of Anti-Oxidant– Anti-oxidants foods are destroyed when microwaved leading to increased risk of cholesterol and heart diseases.
5. Cancer– abnormalities in the functions of the cell are what we refer to as cancer. Above we started that microwaves through the use of radiation change the nature of the atom, this leads to cancer.


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