7 Bakeries in Anambra With Quality Bread

This article aims at explaining in detail the seven bakeries in Anambra that produce quality bread. Just like other businesses, different bakeries target different customers. Some bakeries may target low-income earners while others might target high-income earners. The quality of the beard determines the target audience. 

Anambra is a very populous state with different cities. Bread baking and production is a very lucrative business in Anambra state. There is a huge market for bread sellers because the number of inhabitants of the state is close to 5 million.

Although, there are numerous bread brands in Anambra state but only a few if they produce quality bread. This post is very suitable for bread lovers in Anambra state. This post will provide the list of 7 Bakeries in Anambra that produces quality bread.

Bakeries in Anambra State That Produces Quality Bread

Wendy’s Bread

Wendy’s bread is number one on our list of top 7 bakeries in Anambra state that produces Quality bread. This bread is produced by Wendy’s bakery.

This bread is mainly found in top markets and supermarkets at Onitsha. Wendy’s bread has varieties of bread types. They could be fruit bread, sardine bread, coconut bread, and special bread. 

Also, Wendy’s bread is soft and bromate-free. It is most sought after in Anambra state because it can last for days before it expires. 

Roban Bread

Roban bakery is also one of the quality bread producers in Anambra state. Roban bread is of great quality and the taste is irresistible. The bread is mainly sold at Roban store situated at the adjacent Central Bank of Nigeria Office, Awka, and also at major supermarkets in Anambra. 

This bread comes in varieties of quality. It could be milk and butter bread, fruit bread, chocolate bread, and wheat bread. The bread is a great bake that’ll always get customers to take some loaves.

Hi Hoa Bread

This bread is produced by the Chinese restaurant in Onitsha known as Hi Hoa. This bakery is very good at baking bread. This bread is soft, tasty, and lightweight. You’ll definitely ask for more. 

Hi Hoa is situated at the upper new market road, Onitsha at the site of Old Savanna bank. 

ShopRite bread

ShopRite bread isn’t only popular in Anambra; it is popular all around Nigeria. This bread is sold at ShopRite shopping center and it’s known for its high quality and irresistible taste. 

Diamond Pizza Bread

Diamond Pizza bread is from Diamond Pizza bakery. This bakery is popular because of the quality bread it produces. This bakery is on the Enugu-Onitsha expressway, opposite the central bank of Nigeria. 

The Diamond Pizza Cake Bread is one of the best bread in Southeast Nigeria. Also, the bakery has fruit and sardine bread. You have no course to regret any bread you buy. 

1 City Bread

1 City bread is another tasty and quality bread in Anambra State. This bread stands out from other bread in the Anambra state. 

Stanel Bread

This bread is a product of Stanel bakery. The bakery is situated at Stanel world, Enugu-Onitsha expressway, after Women Development Centre Awka. 

The bread is sold majorly at Stanel world and also at the designated centers in Anambra State. It is a top-quality bread sold at a great price in Anambra state.

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The above is the list of bakeries that produce quality bread in Anambra state. Do you have a contrary opinion or do you think a bakery name should be added to the list, share your opinion in the comment section.